About Me, Henrik Laurell

This article was published Nov 21, 2014.

 My first love ! -- My first love !


I was born in the 60s and live with my family in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Since childhood I have had a big passion for trains and most sites I have is about trains in one way or another.

The train hobby is not just about steam locomotives, there is so much more, specially sharing the hobby with people around the world. Visiting railways and building models would not at all be the same, without the friendship with others.

My approach to models are rather laid back, as far from rivet counting you can get. My goal is good looks, not every detail as the prototype. The reality already exist, so why try to duplicate it .. ? Use it as inspiration instead. This is a hobby after all, not a job. Making something new and exciting is much more fun.

In 1976 my father, me and a friend visited Ohsabanan in southern of Sweden. When I saw and heard the german Brigade 0-8-0 loco (see above) run around the station yard and later in an open coach behind it in steep hills upwards I knew, Narrow Gauge it is .. and specially around 600mm gauge, never looked back at standard gauge ever since... I put a 1/35 scale cab made in hardcard on my Märklin 3095 loco and from there it goes ...

In later years I also developed a special interest for narrow gauge trains with a gauge of 18 inches (457mm) between the tracks. Trains of this size has been used in both estate, industrial, mining and for military light railways. The latter mostly in UK during the years before and after 1900.

February 2010,

/Henrik Laurell, Sweden

Since late 2016 I have choosen the scale 0f. 0f is 1/45 ratio on 12mm gauge track. 12mm is the same as H0m and TT scale standard gauge. The reason for this gauge is because it comes right in between 18 and 24 in prototype gauge, but also cause it is based on an existing scale I can get chassis, tracks, wheels etc from. A bit like Gn15 uses equipment from HO scale for loco chassis etc.