Friends - Bill Wilson

This is a presentation of a few layouts/vehicles Bill Wilson from California built. They are added here to common request. Bill has no website of his own and the site has been down for a long time (even if back online now).


All info used by permission from Bill Wilson August 2007.

Wazoo Island exist in three different versions, which of the third was the last Bill was working on. The second is the most famous.

/Henrik Laurell, August 2007


Steve Bennett wrote:

Bringing this one back up again, as Henrik has added more photo´s.

It may seem a little strange that he has made an archive of Bill´s photo´s but there is a good reason. Bill doesnt use a computer to access the web, all his posting/reading is done through his TV. The system he uses has no memory as such, so once the photo´s had been sent, he retained no record of them. The Yahoo groups they were posted to, also kept no archive of pics attached to messages, so once again, no lasting record of them. Thankfully, most have survived, by people like Henrik who saved them as they were posted. It would be a real shame if these had been lost, the Wazoo Island is so full of inspiration and the modelling is a joy to see.



Bill Wilson died at February 19th 2009. Our ranks are one less. Truly, a good soul and a grand model railroader.

/Henrik February 2009.