Laurel Creek Mine II, Logbook April 12th 2011

This article was published Apr 01, 2011.

April 2011 -- moulds


This last weekend I started playing with moulds. The moulds I have is different types from Woodland Scenics, see to the right in below image.

First I did add ordinary putty to a dry mould, bad idea ... DO NOT DO THAT ... you totally destroy the mould.. it was also still not dry inside after 48 hrs ... Now after I wonder if the test was worth it, but done is done..:sad:

Second I used real hydrocal specially made for the job and also dipped the moulds in water with a bit detergent, before poring the mix. Worked like a charm, but this evening when I did remove the result from the moulds I got a surprise. They weight a TON each ...

looks great, but ... (hard to believe it was just powder at first) still I did not fill the moulds, only enough to cover the area which will show when I turn the finished parts.

This will never work for both sides on my ridge, just the casted parts will weight more than the hole layout does now. Back to plan A, just add several layers of putty here and there directly on the walls and let them dry inbetween. Then a last final layer there I smooth them out and fill in the worst parts from the previous layers.


April 2011 -- moulds.<p>
April 2011 -- moulds.