Book Reviews -- Sudanese Red Sea Coast

This article was published May 17, 2012.

sudanese red sea coast

Author: Henry Gunston.

Publisher: Plateway Press, printed 2001.

ISBN: 1-871980-46-1.

Pages/Size: 67 pages, 7in * 9in

Price/Avail: ??, should be available.


  1. Some Sudanese History
  2. The 18-inch Gauge Military Railways at Suakin, 1884-85
  3. The 18-inch Gauge Military Railways to the Wells at El Teb
  4. Cotton, Camels, Sambuks.. and sir Felix J C Pole
  5. The Tokar-Trinkitat Light Railway
  6. Along the route from Trinkitat to Tokar
  7. A Riddle of the Sands - The Tokar Sand Clearance 1937-38
  8. Narrow Gauge in the Docks at Port Sudan
  9. 18-inch Gauge Locomotives and Rolling Stock
  10. Locomotives and Rolling Stock on the Tokar-Trinkitat Light Railway
  11. Locomotives and Rolling Stock on the Tokar Sand Clearance
  12. Alternative Links from Tokar to the Red Sea Coast

Descript: Several 18in railways and also some 600mm gauge railways along the red sea coast during both world wars and inbetween. No plans.

Recommendation: Recommended, nice reading, many photos.