Eisenbahnen im Ersten Weltkrieg

This article was published May 17, 2012.

Eisenbahnen im Ersten Weltkrieg

Authors: Andreas Knipping.

Publisher: EK-Verlag, Eisenbahn Kurier.

ISBN: 3-88255-691-9, printed 2004

Pages/Size: 400 pages with german text only, 8in * 12in

Price/Avail: bought via Karl Paskarb.


This book is a very thorough description of the war from a german perspective. This is a new book published 2004, but it does not feel new. About half is about narrow gauge, there 600 / 750mm gauge is divided equal. A lot pictures, maps and sketches, but no plans.


German speaking people might find interest in the text, the pictures are half train wrecks and blown up bridges. The other half is mostly already published elsewhere.. it feels a bit like a disappointment. Seems as there are hard to find anything new in this field. You really need to know the language here.