Heeresfeldbahnen der Kaiserzeit

This article was published May 17, 2012.


Authors: Rüdiger Fach, Günter Krall.

Publisher: Verlag Kenning.

ISBN: 3-933613-46-9

Pages/Size: 200 pages with german text only, 8in * 12in

Price/Avail: Karl Paskarb.


  • Trains
  • Training places and camps
  • Build and maintenance
  • Training railways
  • German southwest africa
  • At the front


This book is mainly a picture book, with text related to the pictures or the situation they present. There is in general one and a half picture on each page, that says about it.. Sadly it is a little bit scarce on plans, only a few, fex the zwillinge loco and german brigade tender, but not the standard 0-8-0 loco...

Recommendation: Absolutely if you like german feldbahns.