La voie de 60 militaire Creation du système 1882-1914

This article was published May 17, 2012.


Author: Jaques Pradayrol, printed 1996.


ISBN: 2-9510088-1-3.

Pages/Size: 112 pages, 8in * 12in

Price/Avail: Costed 150 F.

This book is in french, but also contains brief text in english.


  • Decauville
  • Pechot System, general presentation
  • Pechot System, description of materiels
  • Biography of Colonel Pechot, the man behind the system
  • The Pechot-Bourdon locomotive


This book is about the Pechot system which later also got transport system for the french army during World War I. After I found this book, I did extend the time-period for my modeltrains to include also the Pechot system. For whose who love timetables, airbrakes and normal gauge tracks and who thinks two-foot is just toys, they just must read/browse thrue this book. It explains the complete feeling with a train-system which complete with locos, cars, and tracks moves guns, soldiers and supplies for each day and night, in spite of daily bombardments. I'm not defending the horrors of war, I am fascinated by a transport-system which was the most high-tech available at the time.

Recommendation: Absolutely! A Must for freaks.