Light Track from Arras

This article was published May 17, 2012.

Light Track from Arras (Narrow Gauge At War 3)

Author: T.R Heritage.

Publisher: Plateway Press, printed 1999.

ISBN: 1 871980 40 2.

Pages/Size: 79 pages, 7in * 9in

Price/Avail: ??, should be available.


  1. The Formation of the 31st
  2. Q dump
  3. Operating
  4. Tales of the trains
  5. German offensive, March 1918
  6. The Turn of the tide
  7. The 19th Company
  8. Apres la Guerre
  9. App 1: Details of Track and Rolling stock
  10. App 2: List of soldiers, 31st Company
  11. App 3: List of soldiers, 19th Company
  12. App 4: Tractor crews, Marcoing

Descript: "A descriptive account of the activities of the 19th & 31st Light Railway Companies, Royal Engineers during the World War". Part 3 of this excellent series. This is an updated version of a very old book written just after the war, in 1931.

Recommendation: Absolutely! A Must. As the hole series..