Transportation on the Western Front

This article was published May 17, 2012.

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Author: A M Henniker.

Title: Official history of the great war, Transportation on the Western Front


ISBN: 0-89839-179-2.

Pages/Size: 531 pages, 6in * 9in

Price/Avail: available Oct2004, costed $ 49.95.


  • Position on the outbreak of the war
  • August and September 1914
  • The line of communications, September to December
  • Beginnings of the railway construction troops
  • September and October 1914
  • Evolution of the lines, prepare for advance thrue belgium
  • Maintenance movements, troop movements
  • Railways in an offensive
  • Road transport and light railways
  • Growth of branches 14-16
  • Situation towards the end of 1916
  • Organization during 17-18
  • Winter of 16-17
  • Movements by sea
  • Winter of 16-17 (continued)
  • 1917
  • 1917 (continued)
  • Transport of tanks by rail
  • Winter 17-18
  • German offensive March-April 1918
  • March-July 1918
  • Last four months
  • Armistice and after
  • Personnel, Labour, Stores and materials
  • Appendices
  • Sketches

Descript: This is a reprint of the old classic. Sadly it is not complete, all the nice maps, charts and drawings are excluded in this release. This is text only, around 98% of it, but what a fascinating text it is!

Recommendation: Absolutely! This is the master, don't be without it. It might not look as much at first, but start read it and you understand.