RAR Chassis

This article was published Mar 11, 2018.


When I started making the RAR locos I found out that almost all of them had the wheelbase of 3ft3in. This made it possible to use a common chassis for all models.

I contacted Mark at LocosNStuff who agreed to make this chassis for us. Current status is that we are waiting for the etches to be done.

The chassis will be available later this spring 2018.

It will come in two forms

  1. kit form, price around 70 gbp
  2. ready-to-run, around 100 gbp (with a waiting time for assembly)

The only thing you need to specify two things,

  • gauge - between 10.5 and 16.5mm.
  • wheelsize - 12mm or 14mm (only lord Ragland and Victoria should have 12mm wheels)

First dozen is already pre-ordered, hurry up if you want one as well !

You do that by contacting Mark at Locosnstuff.


3D model
3D model
3D model
3D model
measures -- showing it´s size
measures  -- showing it´s size
gearbox -- how the motor gearbox unit looks like
gearbox  -- how the motor gearbox unit looks like