HLM - Coupler Jig

This article was published Jun 29, 2018.

One might wonder what this is, but is a Jig in the making to be able to bend my own coupler rings. My own NEM coupler to the right in the picture. Why do I do my own couplers then there is so many available already ? Because I can and because it is fun ...:smile:

All coming vehicles on shapeways will be prepared for and have there coupler pockets lowered to 10mm from top of rail to coupler center (previous was 11.6mm). This is same height as kadee recommends and as I understand also for most other types in 0 scale (7mm or 1/45).

They will have to be printed in another material since FUD is way to brittle for this, which one I have not decided yet. I guess I might be the only one using these, but will release them to the public later on anyway (including this Jig) when I have a working prototype.