FR - Mold Failures

This article was published Jan 07, 2019.

175259 -- roof main tiles
175259  -- roof main tiles

Done further extended tests with making 3D printed molds during the holidays, sadly to the result of a big failure... White glue and PLA just likes each other to much... I solved several problems on the way, for example I can now make the molds as big as I want, but that is not the last problem to fix. I tried several mixes of white glue, even added dish-washing liquid to the mix, all versions so far have failed.. I haven´t been able to make a mix which does not stick (to much) to the PLA plastics I am using in my printer. Maybe another material or version of PLA would work better, I do not know. For the time being I let this project be.


174612 -- roof top tiles
174612  -- roof top tiles