FR - Sölve, Parts update

This article was published May 01, 2019.

142620 -- last printed details, note the handrails
142620  -- last printed details, note the handrails

Labor day here, as in most places. Time for some relaxing time in the cave.

Today I did another test with printing handrails and posts. Sometimes as here they look quite OK, but again other times ... The key when printing high posts of any kind is to eliminate every detail that can disturb the print - as in print in several separate pieces. While doing so and also increase diameter just a tiny bit more for sturdiness, I think I can push this through!

All these "challenges" which has marked this project on the way, gave me time to think about the actual goal for it. At first it was just a wild fun idea, later I realized it would actually be possible. Later again, pitfalls started to be placed before me, which got me extremely stubborn, it was not just fun, it was a game against 3D printing, and failing was no option. Now with a bit perspective I have to realize that it will not be a museum piece, there is to many errors a pro modeler would never do, plus the surface from a PDM printer is not that perfect just yet. Might be in a near future, but not right now. An AnyCubic printer could have done the needed quality, but with there small printing areas it would take years, not months like this project. So, my conclusion is that my new current goal is to finish with a Dremel only, no SW side-prints or bought model boat parts. Even if a great suggestion by Robin, thanks for that.

So this is now - A fully 3D printed swedish monitor by the name Sölve.. even if not fully done yet ..:tongue:


163757 -- example what happens when to high
163757  -- example what happens when to high