Mil - Scale Trials

This article was published Jul 28, 2019.

  • Napoleon was 169 cm long, or in mm 1.690
  • Since wargame figures are calculated from toe to eye, we need to take of about 10cm from the length to compensate for the upper half of the head.
  • so 1.590 / 28 makes a 28mm figure 1:56 scale
  • a 40mm figure is therefore from the same logic about 1:40 scale (1:39.75 or (almost) 7mm scale)

When it comes to bigger scales, that is not the same, for some reason .... instead the following applies ::

  • a 120mm figure is about 1:15
  • a 90mm figure is about 1:20
  • a 70mm figure is about 1:25
  • a 54mm figure is about 1:32

It makes sense to follow one of the above common "scales" wargamer´s use, so after the Carolean cannon is done I will do another in "90mm" scale. When I have that in my hand, I will know how difficult it will be to print wagons in smaller scales.