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This article was published Jul 31, 2019.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - New Cooperation with !!

We had our first meeting yesterday after a couple of weeks of communication. I will make cannons and wagons which match there figures and they in turn will do new series of figures making it possible to make a small scene / diorama to my wagons. Above, dead center in the picture is our first project in it´s early state, an carolean gunner from the great Nordic war 1700-1721 matching my cannon from the same period. This figure will get more details and tuning, but when done it will be available for sale in most common scales. Which ones are not decided yet, but will be announced later on of course.

SECOND - I finally decided to go for 70mm (1:25) for my own cannon / wagon projects, matching whatever scale we decide on for the figures, also for sale.

The picture : From left, blue cannon and it´s figures are in 1:18 scale, center cannon is my new 70mm (1:25) scale, right bigger cannon and it´s figures are in 120mm (1:15) scale. Far right, the tiny little white cannon is the same printed by ShapeWays in 28mm (1:56) scale. This is available already in my ShapeWays shop.

This picture also proves that it is truly possible to print a perfect figure with a (fdm) filament 3D printer! When you have a good drawing that is ..

I am so excited about this new development !!