KFJ - Koltorp Forsvik Railway in 012 (1/45) scale

A little mine railway which in later years also serve a match factory and other local needs.

  • 012 scale means 1/45 on 12mm gauge tracks, same gauge as HOm and TT scale. Both HOm and TT scale has plenty of locos to kitbash on. For track I use PECO HOm tracks.
  • 022 scale means 1/45 on 22.4mm gauge tracks, same gauge as S scale.

Size of each module is 55 * 116 cm.

This project was started Xmas 2016. At first it was only to be a small project building a diorama, but the interest grew and now I am building my first module and planning for a shelf layout 8 meters long along one wall in my hobby room.

Event logs

planned and started modules

  1. Koltorp module - a coal mine
  2. Aspholm module - A sawmill
  3. Kvarnbo module - A match factory
  4. Ekhem module - Connection to a 42in line, using 0m track (1/45 on 22.4mm)
  5. Forsvik module - End of the line. The Harbour