Henrik Laurell Models


Started making 3D models in April 2017. Above is one of the examples I like the most.

Address to my shop at ShapeWays is www.shapeways.com/shops/henrik-laurell-models/

Work in progress

  • Blombacka flat wagon
  • 891mm gauge wagons and locos
  • Emsfors loco plus maybe a tender, even if sweden never had one ..

Finished models available for order

  • Accessories - all those wagon loads etc
  • Nyberget - The famous Atlas wagons from the Nyberget Mine Railway
  • Munkedal - Munkedal loco and wagons from the Munkedal papermill Railway
  • Nitro Nobel - Simplex loco and wagons from the Nitro Nobel ammo factory
  • KLJ - Lessebo loco and coaches from the Kosta Lessebo Railway
  • Beet - Danish Beet Wagons
  • Decauville - Small 500mm gauge wagons adopted for 600mm gauge (in scale)
  • Orenstein & Koppel - O&K wagons.
  • 1067mm gauge - Swedish 1067mm gauge vehicles.
  • Various - All those models not fitting in anywhere else or not enough for a section of there own