Henrik Laurell Models


Started making 3D models in April 2017. Above is one of the examples I like the most.

Address to my shop at ShapeWays is www.shapeways.com/shops/henrik-laurell-models/

Work in progress

  • A complete new series of cannons and military wagons from the Great Nordic War 1700 - 1721 when Charles XII was our king. In cooperation with DigitalSculpt.se which is my new partner, we will make complete sets with both wagons and matching figures. The scales will be the most common among wargamers and figure painters.

Swedish Caroliner 3pdr field cannon

  • This will be our first set, complete with figures!

Swedish Caroliner wagons

  • Several wagons used during the war is in the pipeline, again with matching figures!

Finished train models available for order

  • Nyberget - The famous Atlas wagons from the Nyberget Mine Railway
  • Munkedal - Munkedal loco and wagons from the Munkedal papermill Railway
  • Nitro Nobel - Simplex loco and wagons from the Nitro Nobel ammo factory
  • KLJ - Lessebo loco and coaches from the Kosta Lessebo Railway
  • British - British Railways, mostly Royal Arsenal Railways.
  • Danish - Danish Beet Wagons
  • French - French vehicles, mostly Decauville and Pechot WW1 wagons.
  • German - German vehicles.
  • Swedish 0m vehicles - Swedish 1067mm gauge vehicles in 0 scale.
  • Swedish H0 vehicles - Swedish models in H0f and H0n3 scale.
  • Trackside - All those wagon loads and track side items.
  • Various - All those models not fitting in anywhere else or not enough for a section of there own
  • Gadgets - All kinds of gadgets and none train related.