• For Starters - A few overview pictures on how far I got last year and where I start from this new year. Lots do this year to. The crane and some tracks is first on my to-do / wish list.. 
  • Paint Evening - Had some fun with paint this evening. My 3D printed figures got some, so did the atlas mine wagon and the details for the crane. The white paint on door and windows is kept one layer only, so not looking to neat.. I want the crane to look used, not new...
  • Mold Failures - Done further extended tests with making 3D printed molds during the holidays, sadly to the result of a big failure... White glue and PLA just likes each other to much. I solved several problems on the way, for example I can now make the molds as big as...
  • Freelance Van - Designed and printed this freelance van a few days ago. At first I planned to make an extended version of the classic atlas chassis for it, but now looking at the pictures I think short atlas bogies would look even better. Will do both so I can see them..
  • Van Chassis - Printed a second body this evening plus made below new drawing for a bogie chassis for this new wagon series. Still not sure which I like the most, will probably keep both versions, 2-axle and bogie variant.
  • Mold & Van Chassis - This evening the roof tile mold was prepped with olive oil and got another coat of white glue. After two layers has fully dried out it will be very interesting to see the result when I try to lift it from the mold. Also did another turn on the Atlas ...
  • New Atlas Wagons - Mold got it´s second layer filled in. Beside it is also the mold for the ridge tiles. I reached desired design with the chassis / bogies now! This last version feels final. During the time I also made a few new atlas wagons, meant to use the same chassis
  • Molds again - The mold for the ridge tiles was ready this afternoon. I could have used a bit more olive oil in the mold, but the principal works great! The other mold needs a bit more time to set. When both dried out properly they will be put on the roof of the crane.
  • Print Problems - Had problems with getting the prints to stay on the table last week. Tried several solutions. In the end it turned out to be the bed sheet which was way past it´s due date. After I changed it, suddenly all prints get very flat and crisp again .. : )
  • Mold final - PLA + white glue = LOVE! ..... Just amazing! One would think that a generous layer of olive oil would solve it ... Nop! ... Took about 40 minutes just to remove it from the mold. Yes, it staid in one piece this time and Yes, it looks very nice painted..
  • New Atlas Painted - Atlas wagons got some paint this evening. The open ones needs a bit more on the decks and all of course needs some wheels, but that is about it. Really pleased with these ones. I have one more timber version coming up which is not printed yet, but coming
  • Crane in PLA - Since the roof was not to be made in a mold, next step was to make it as positive print from the start. Previous I had already made a drawing for the base, since that was the easiest way to get it right. Remained only walls and the boom / arm, left to ...
  • Timber & Crane - If you want to make God to laugh, tell him your plans... Was about to do a lot this last weekend, but got a cold a few days ago. BUT, that does not stop me from feeding the printer with what it needs.. Here is the timber wagons I talked about before, plus
  • Crane & Tracks - A little crane and track update. The crane progresses, but not as quick as hoped for. Turn out shortcuts are much longer than ordinary cuts. I tried to print both roof and frame as one piece each, which did not work out. I had to divide the frame in f....
  • Crane Assembly - My store of CA glue turned out to be very old .. or something.. Had to put the pieces in the spray booth so they could dry up faster ... Can´t wait to paint it now!
  • Tiles Testing - The molding trials are over but I couldn´t leave this idea to somehow use 3D technics to create easy roof tiles. Suddenly this evening I got the idea to why-not-print-them-as-loose-pieces or small groups .. ? Said and done, here is the results. During ..
  • Crane Assembled - So finally, all walls and roof in place! A bit fiddling left to do plus paint and chains, but starting to look like a crane now (or small house on a hump...) First pic shows how big the boom should be according to the drawing. Didn´t reach anywhere, so..
  • Crane Painted - Weekend again and time for some modelling! The crane got some paint. Only waiting for the chains now (ordered a week ago), so I can put on final touch. Seeing the pictures I see some touch up on the white is needed to.
  • Monitor Sölve, startup - After John Ericsson did success with his USS Monitor at Hampton Roads in 1862, he started the race of a long row of other "monitors" or ironclads as these ships also were called. A similar class as the USS Monitor was built in sweden, also two other ....
  • Monitor Sölve, the hull - Ran out of gray filament, so I show here the four end pieces printed so far. Each of these took about 8.5 hrs to print. Until I get some more gray filament I am printing details to put on deck, which I can paint separate from the hull. The hull will be la
  • Monitor Sölve, gun & turret - The gun were finished today. The hull is of course much longer, only the four end pieces are printed of a total of ten pieces.....
  • Monitor Sölve, the dinghy - The dinghy were finished last night. I was thinking a lot of about how to make a complete hull like this, never done it before. It turned out to be very easy. One more skill to the list .. This is also one of the best prints I got from my printer! ....
  • Monitor Sölve, the vents - These little buggers were more difficult than first expected. Tried several ways with different angles and supports, still not first ok item printed. But can´t have a boat without them, so will keep trying. At first tried to print all at once which of
  • Monitor Sölve, vents, again - You learn from your mistakes, or as my dad used to say, ´you learn from your mistakes, each time you make them´ .. which translates to you haven´t learn the lesson until you remember it..

    I did redo complete air vent drawing, this time a bit prettier

  • Monitor Sölve, vents done - Voila - Meet the family, here they are all together! Been sick a few days but not worse then been able to press start on the printer. Lucky me I have prepared several drawings ahead, so the printer will continue to be busy.. Next in line is the rowboat ..
  • Monitor Sölve, the Rowboat - Rowboat done! Note how small the dinghy looks beside it, still the rowboat itself is tiny compared to how big the monitor will be.. Next is the gangway which is printing now.
  • Monitor Sölve, Hull V2 - I was done waiting for gray filament, so I decided to go full out with a yellow (sub)marine. While started preparing to print the rest hull pieces in yellow I had an extra look at drawings and the few photos I have. To my despair I found out the deck is..
  • Monitor Sölve, Failure - Started printing second part of the hull last night. Now after about 40% done, I found it like this. Lets hope I don´t get many of these, else it will be a very long time to finish the hull .. Printer is restarted again for a second attempt on this part.
  • Monitor Sölve, Hull V3 first - Second hull version failed to ... But, I am not giving up, I want my boat! This time I did split the hull in 8 pieces so I could lay them down. Instead of avoiding infill and supports I try to take advantage of it. All pieces are solid this...
  • Deptford, 1 plank version - The monitor is still on, but first I got further problems, this time with the print bed cover and second, the printer has been occupied with vents and hull pieces for over 2 weeks, I wanted to do something else for a change.. So here is first wagon in ...
  • Deptford, 3 plank version - This is the typical ´WD 75´ deptford wagon which was made in over 100 examples running on first Deptford Special Reserve Depot and later 75 of them went to SHLR at the end of 1920.
  • RAR 2x Ammo Van - Last of the RAR / Deptford two axle wagons I intended to make. Now I only have a little loco to print which can pull these little goodies .. Then back to the monitor. During long printing times with the monitor, I have these to fiddle with.
  • Bagnall loco - Drawing done for my little freelance Bagnall loco, ment to pull the deptford wagons.
  • Bagnall printed - So, also the loco was finished this morning! The chassis is a Roco 36004 TT chassis. See also the deptford wagons in the background. Now I can change printer bed cover and continue with the monitor!! The delay with the monitor was not only need for a dive
  • Monitor Sölve, hull B section - Second piece of the hull was done this morning! Seems I found the winning concept now, which means the remaining pieces should not be any problem either. They are about the same size as this one, with only different details on top.
  • Monitor Sölve, hull C section - third piece is printing now, hopefully done this evening. see below a picture on how it looked this morning during print. The infill pattern shows how much space there actually is, it is not solid through and through. It also shows how much available spa
  • Deptford train painted - Put on first layer of paint on the deptford train today. The loco needs a lot more attention, but the wagons is about done, maybe just a bit weathering. Driving wheels on the loco is way to small, almost caricature looking.. but not much to do about that
  • the Fork drydock - The Monitor has now been moved to a "proper" drydock, so that the railway could regain it´s space.
  • Monitor Sölve, hull D section - Fourth, the D section was finished this evening. Starting to catch up speed now when I found the way. On this one you can see the spoon like shape just under the figure. This is where the turret and small corridor will go.
  • Monitor Sölve, hull E section - the E section was finished this evening. This part is the one which the turret and gun stands on. You can see the rails on top, which the gun will move along for each re-load (first guns were breech loaded). Now there is only three sections left forming..
  • Monitor Sölve, hull F section - the F section was finished this evening. This is the first of three sections forming the bow.
  • Monitor Sölve, hull G section - the G section was finished this evening. This is second of three sections forming the bow. Only one left now, HURRAY !!
  • Monitor Sölve, hull H section - Final H section of the hull was done this morning! HURRAY again, complete hull is here! Now I can start planning for all the remaining details on deck. These sections will be glued together 3 and 3 because that is the only way to be able to airbrush the..
  • Monitor Sölve, details 1 - Now when the hull is done and sections are being glued together, I have started to draw up new details to print for the deck. Below are the ones I made this evening. The corridor, chimney and toilets was quickly done, but the anchor was a bit tricky ..
  • Monitor Sölve, Steam launch - Since the printer is fully occupied with last Friday drawings, I started on the drawing for the steam launch this evening. Complete hull is done now, only the engine, machine gun and other smaller details left to draw (and print, and paint, and ...).
  • Monitor Sölve, Toilets & Corr - Toilets and the corridor under the gangway was finished today. The anchor failed, still some dirt in the nozzle. Ordered a cleaning kit since I could not find a needle with 0.4mm width in wifys sewingbox ... The corner of the corridor also got...
  • Monitor Sölve, left-to-dos - Put together a list today to see what´s left to do for the monitor. At least I was surprised.. All are small(ish) pieces printed in a few hours each, not days each .. I was hoping for the summer but now it looks much sooner!
  • Monitor Sölve, Launch Machine - Did a drawing for the steam launch machine today. Last week I tried to clean my printer nozzle and ended up clogging it totally instead ... Ordered a cleaning set plus new nozzles at the time, which was supposed to arrive coming Thursday. Yesterday I got
  • EARTHQUAKE !! - Extra, Extra, directly from the local bulletin! 17:12 local time the entire port of Fork Town was destroyed by a giant Earthquake! As a prayers answer, everyone was in the market square for the market and no one was hurt. Railway owner Mr Enrico Laurelli.
  • Monitor Sölve, Back in biz !! - My service kit with nozzle cleaners etc arrived today! Used these toilet levers to make sure the printer is Ok again. Not FUD or anycubic quality but I am pleased with it. The queue for the monitor is restarted! Right now the anchor is reprinted and ...
  • Monitor Sölve, Anchors - The bow anchors was ready this evening!
  • Monitor Sölve, Details 1 - Did a couple more detail drawings this evening. They will be printed the coming days. Bow hatches is done, the chimney bottom part is printing now (first item above. It´s upside down on the picture)
  • Monitor Sölve, Details 2 - Almost all details on the bow deck is done now, only three remains - flagpole, winches and handrails. Also printed a young sailor who lost his hat to the wind, captain will not be pleased!
  • Sölve, More Print Problem - Got another print mystery on my hands ... See the picture. Top right is the piece I am trying to print, the rest are different tests I made last week or so. Dead center is a chess piece which the printer was delivered with. As you can see it at least has
  • Fork Harbour II - In-between "print studies" I am trying to figure out how the new harbor should look like. There is many different solutions to choose from, but which do I like the most .. ? There are four major versions as I see it. Either there is a dock angled from rig
  • Pier Solution - Investigating the right pier version for the new harbor. It could work !! Tight as usual, but doable. Last shows another print which suddenly worked just fine ... go figure !?
  • Pier Solution II - I like the first pier solution very much. Only one problem, I would always have to reach over whatever ship is moored... which did felt like a no-no. So I moved the pier on the outside instead like this. Not sure on the trackplan here, but should be fine.
  • Sölve, Chimney Extension - Finally !!! Here it is. So I have struggled to get this item printed correctly! Not as much as on the vents before xmas, but not far from it. Only difference really betwen these two prints on first picture is the slicer program used. Left is Print Studio,
  • Sölve, Steam Launch - the steam launch is printed! Except a few imperfections I am very pleased with it.
  • Sölve, Machine Guns - Machine gun(s) designed and printed. There will be two on top of the turret and one on the steam launch which also needs an extra shield on top.
  • Fork Harbor, Final version - After much afterthought I did go for the first pier solution, with just a few changes. Ships can be moved and as you can see below, with the foam cut out they also get about two inches lower than before when first trying the idea. Last is a picture on the
  • Fork Harbor, Pier in place - Pier in place and first ground paint is added all over, to get a better sense of whats to come. The water will get several coats on top of this. Now the harbor has room for a lot vessels floating around the dock, with tiny 18in trains running around and
  • Sölve, Parts update - Labor day here, as in most places. Time for some relaxing time in the cave. Today I did another test with printing handrails and posts. Sometimes like here they look quite OK, but again other times ... The key when printing high posts of any kind is to...
  • Sölve, Handrails problem - I thought I should explain how I solved the handrails and posts problem. I simply increased the diameter from the supposed 0.84mm to 2 hole mm in diameter. It´s a secret, so don´t tell anyone. If I haven´t said it I doubt you would notice it. See firs
  • Sölve, First paint - So, finally !! After many moons, first paint is on! Did stumble on another problem with fitting the railings, so I could not paint those areas there railings will go. But to eager to wait, so I put on first layer anyway - I had to see how it would look!
  • Fork, Boats & Waves - The new rowboat replacing the previous to high one was finished printing this afternoon. As you can see on the picture the proportions got quite different. Also added first cautious waves in the harbor. This is a plaster called "Husfix" which is meant ...
  • Waves & Railings - Put on second layer of plaster for the waves this morning. Later during the day it was dry, but I did not think it look like much so I added a layer of blue paint (the only I had at home, to bright, I know) to see how it turned out. But when the paint ...
  • Bogie flat - Was not in the mode for railings this weekend so I made this bogie flat wagon instead. A few pics on current state of Sölve included as well. Last is three figures from ModelU which he kindly printed to my 8mm (1:38) scale.
  • Sölve, Railings - Yesterday I did drill holes in all the handrails, low as high. Using a 1.6mm drill in a 2mm post was not easy. I did waste several in the beginning before I found the technic on how to do it. Since they break very easy I had to hold a finger on one side w
  • Sölve Done! - The monitor Sölve is done, finished. Not one more item to add or alter ... Both sad and relieving! It started February the 9th this year. Now a bit more than three months later it is ready for it´s maiden voyage. I was actually a bit surprised it was..
  • Pluto, Water and Boom - Been doing some serious thinking about what to do after the monitor and the choice fall on doing RAR locos in 8mm scale. Pluto is first out. This first print looks quite ok, but many details to fix so will have to re-do it once more. Good example of a 7mm
  • Layer-drift problem solved - Had a few days with serious layer-drifting again. Normally when this happens your belts are not tighten enough, but mine are, so got a bit puzzled until I realized the filament was tangled on it´s way from the spool to the printer head, also my new sp...
  • Freelance O&K loco - See how nice it can be when the printer behaves .. compared to the pile of failed prints in the background.. Initial drawings is a correct O&K 0-6-0 loco which ones ran at the Nyberget Mine railway in sweden, but since I had to do so much changes to fit..


  • Links - Main content page.


  • CB90 - The Hull - how the hull and details were made.
  • CB90 - Logbook - Some pictures showing building progress. This is my first modelboat building project. When finished it will be controlled with 4 R/C channels.
  • CB90 - Paint - how it was painted.
  • CB90 - Plans - model building plans for CB90.


  • Chrysler - engine models from Chrysler.
  • Evinrude - engine models from Evinrude.
  • Glastron - Glastron Boats. The old favourite, GT150.
  • Johnson - engine models from Johnson.
  • Mercury - engine models from Mercury.
  • Reinell - Reinell boat models from the 70's.


  • Sölve - Future - Monitor Sölve in 1:24 scale.


  • SEMO - The hull - How the hull was made.
  • SEMO - Logbook - Many swedish visitors will recognise this modelboat-kit right off, maybe with a smile in the face! This boat have been built by thousands in Sweden. Also I did. step by step description on how it was done.
  • SEMO - Paint - How the paint was added.
  • SEMO - Windshield - How the windshield was made.
  • SEMO - Z-Drive - the engines I did choose for this project.


  • Elco - Future - ELCO WW2 Torpedo Boats.
  • Polaris - Future - Polaris a Torpedo boat from 1914.
  • T42 - Future - Swedish T42.


  • 2002 Nora - Some pics taken back in 2002 in and close to Nora, the city there we spent at least 1-2 weeks last summers.


  • Jädersbruk - Just found these old pictures and vids which never was published back in old 2004. This is from an event which is repeated each year at the second weekend in September. It is called "Maskindagarna" (the machine days). The picture/video quality is not ....
  • Mariefred in July - More old pictures never published before.
  • Nyberget mine wagons - Events 2004, Nyberget mine wagons
  • Simplex - Events 2004, Simplex loco
  • Westridge Mini Meet - Events 2004, Westridge Mini Meet
  • Zinkgrufan Zinc Mine - Events 2004, Zinkgrufan Zinc Mine



  • 2006 - Forsvik 1 - As part of the "October Northen Trip 06" I did stop at Forsvik on the way home. Here is a couple of pictures from the factory.
  • 2006 - Forsvik 2 - As part of the "October Northen Trip 06" I did stop at Forsvik on the way home. Here is a couple of pictures from the factory.
  • 2006 - Granbergsdal - A few miles south of Gyttorp which itself is a few miles west from Nora, is this nice old Blast Furnace.
  • October Northern Trip part 2.1 - Events 2006 -- This is second part of the October Northern Trip, visiting both Sala silver mine and JTJ Jädraås Tallås Railway.
  • October Northern Trip part 2.2 - Events 2006 -- This is second part of the October Northern Trip, part 2.2.
  • 2006 - Jönköping - a few building pictures from the old factory area, now used by museums and several small firms.
  • 2006 - Karlsborg - As part of the "October Northen Trip 06" I did stop at Karlsborg Fortress on the way home. Here is a couple of pictures from the regement.
  • Ludvika Mining Museum - Events 2006 -- Ludvika Old Homestead & Mining Museum
  • Ludvika Mining Museum 2 - Events 2006 -- Ludvika Old Homestead & Mining Museum, page 2
  • Mariefred in April 1 - Events 2006 -- Pictures taken 22nd of April 2006 when Hans Hammarsten, my wife and I were there.
  • Mariefred in April 2 - Events 2006 -- Pictures taken 22nd of April 2006 when Hans Hammarsten, my wife and I were here.
  • Mariefred in April 3 - Events 2006 -- Pictures taken 22nd of April 2006 when Hans Hammarsten, my wife and I were there.
  • Mariefred in April 4 - Events 2006 -- Pictures taken 22nd of April 2006 when Hans Hammarsten, my wife and I were there.
  • 2006 - Nora in May I - This is a couple of pics I did take same weekend as the Seadville event in Frövi. My wife and I did stay at Trängbo Camping site (in Nora) as we always do since now eleven years back.
  • 2006 - Nora in May II - This is a couple of pics I did take same weekend as the Seadville event in Frövi. My wife and I did stay at Trängbo Camping site (in Nora) as we always do since now eleven years back.
  • 2006 - Nora in Sept I - Did visit Örebro for a course in early September. Since Nora is so close I decided to stay with our caravan on Nora camping. Below movies and pictures are a result of that trip.
  • 2006 - Nora in Sept II - Did visit Örebro for a course in early September. Since Nora is so close I decided to stay with our caravan on Nora camping. Below movies and pictures are a result of that trip.
  • 2006 - Norberg - This is a couple of pictures from the Norberg Mining Museum.
  • Hagaberg Seadville Meet - Events 2006 -- Hagaberg during Seadville Meet
  • 2006 - Strömsholm - Pictures taken Friday 21st of April 2006. A nice spring walk with Hans Hammarsten and his family.
  • 2006 - Windflower - Weather was right, mode was right, camera and bicycle in order - time for the first wildwood windflower photo session of the year!


  • Making a point ... - Events 2007 -- Making a point ...
  • Points - Events 2007 -- a couple of swedish three foot gauge point levers. Most measures are included in the picture captions.
  • Anten Station - Events 2007 -- a couple of pictures from Anten station.
  • 2007 - Bolmsö I - From a trip late September this year. Bolmsö lake is down south in the Småland region. As you can see the camping was rather empty.. only me and a few german tourists. It was a few days before the camping did close for the season, very calm and quiet.
  • 2007 - Bolmsö II - From a trip late September this year. Bolmsö lake is down south in the Småland region. As you can see the camping was rather empty.. only me and a few german tourists. It was a few days before the camping did close for the season, very calm and quiet.
  • 2007 - Nora I - Pictures from main vacation 2007. We did only have one camera with us, so it's a mix between scenery, flowers and trains...
  • 2007 - Nora II - Pictures from main vacation 2007. We did only have one camera with us, so it's a mix between scenery, flowers and trains...
  • 2007 - Nora III - Pictures from main vacation 2007. We did only have one camera with us, so it´s a mix between scenery, flowers and trains...
  • Risten-Lakvik Railway - Events 2007 -- Visiting Risten-Lakvik Railway in July. A short visit a working day, no trains were running.
  • 2007 - Varberg - Second trip on vacation, August 07.


  • 2008 - Amsterdam - In early may 2008 I did visit my dear friends Daniel and Wanda for a few days.
  • Risten-Lakvik, the ATLAS loco - Events 2008 -- During summer vacation this year we did visit the RLJ association, mostly for the ATLAS loco, but also for the railway itself.
  • Risten-Lakvik, rails and stn - Events 2008 --
  • Smalspoor museum Erica 1 - Events 2008 -- Early May 2008 I did visit my friend Daniel in Amsterdam. First day we did drive to the old peat factory in north-east of Holland, now converted to museum.
  • Smalspoor museum Erica 2 - Events 2008 -- Early May 2008 I did visit my friend Daniel in Amsterdam. First day we did drive to the old peat factory in north-east of Holland, now converted to museum.
  • Smalspoor museum Erica 3 - Events 2008 -- Early May 2008 I did visit my friend Daniel in Amsterdam. First day we did drive to the old peat factory in north-east of Holland, now converted to museum.
  • 2008 - Lyckholms Brewery - Forgot to add these, they were taken back in May this year. They show the old Beer Factory in Gothenburg, now converted to several small firms like car shops etc.
  • 2008 - The Stream - Needed a few pictures on how a stream actually looks in real life. We are fortuned to have a forrest just behind our house and a five minutes walk to a lake with several streams.
  • 2008 - Vacation I - A couple of pictures from this years vacation.
  • 2008 - Vacation II - Vacation pictures, second page.
  • Valkenburgse Meer 1 - Events 2008 -- Second day visiting Daniel we did drive to the Nationaal Smalspoormuseum.
  • Valkenburgse Meer 2 - Events 2008 -- Second day visiting Daniel we did drive to the Nationaal Smalspoormuseum.
  • Valkenburgse Meer 3 - Events 2008 -- Second day visiting Daniel we did drive to the Nationaal Smalspoormuseum.
  • Valkenburgse Meer 4 - Events 2008 -- Second day visiting Daniel we did drive to the Nationaal Smalspoormuseum.


  • Ohsabanan in winter sleep 1 - Events 2009 -- Took a day of from work and did a trip down south to Ohsabanan. It was very nice to visit this place once more and just walk about and take pictures. Not many people or action, this is taken early march.
  • Ohsabanan in winter sleep 2 - Events 2009 -- Took a day of from work and did a trip down south to Ohsabanan. It was very nice to visit this place once more and just walk about and take pictures. Not many people or action, this is taken early march.


  • Anten in white - Events 2010 -- My wife and I did take a day of together and did drive up to Anten from Gothenburg (about 55km). It was both very cold and windy, so our walk around was short but very nice ..
  • Borås Locoshop - Events 2010 -- At on our way on this years vacation, we did pass this beautiful building in Borås, about 55 km east of Göteborg there we live.





  • 04, Långban 1 - First Caravan trip for the year, this time to Långban Mines in Värmland county.
  • 04, Långban 2 - First Caravan trip for the year, this time to Långban Mines in Värmland county.
  • 04, Långban 3 - First Caravan trip for the year, this time to Långban Mines in Värmland county.
  • Vacation 1 - scenery pictures taken by me and my wife.
  • Vacation 2 - scenery pictures taken by me and my wife.


  • Gothenburg Cranes - Gothenburg harbour was once a very busy place and the shipyards were among the biggest in the world. Today nothing is left.. Last year (2014) the last shipyard doing only maintenance did also shut down. For a while there has been a debate about what to...
  • Gothenburg Maritime Center - Visited a customer this morning. Wasn´t sure about traffic jams and parking problems so I got there a bit early, cause there was none ... During the wait for a colleague I took these photos which is just beside the car park.
  • Karlsberg city - Premier tour with the caravan this year did go to Karlsborg city which is about 220 km from Gothenburg. We had fantastic luck with the weather, sunshine every day! A bit cold and windy for BBQ, but for the rest just amazing. First four pictures below are
  • Lidköping city - This weekend we did drive to Lidköping City to relax and have a nice time off. June 6 is the Swedish National Day so a lot was happening in town today. Yesterday we did look around in Karins favorite shops and visited Läckö Castle.
  • Hagaberg - My wife and I did drive north yesterday on our second part of this years vacation. Today we visited Hagaberg. Here is a few pictures from that meet. Managed to take a video also this time.
  • Nora city - On Saturday we did walk around in Nora city. Both window shopping and checking the trains of course..
  • Riddarhyttan - today we did continue our journey up north arriving at Riddarhyttan. Just before the camping entrance we found this old engine house from a railway which once did go here.
  • Engelsberg - Last monday we visited Engelsbergs bruk, an old foundry a bit away from Fagersta town. Great place to walk around with the camera at hand. Finished of with a nice picnic on a park bench.
  • Löa - Today we drive down from Rättvik back to Nora. On the way we passed Löa which has this wonderful place. I think I found a new favorite foundry! Most places we visited so far would be great as a model, but this must be the nicest ..
  • Switches - Switches from Hagaberg and nothing but .. on common request.


  • Bankalaset - Bankalaset is a yearly train convention in Sweden. Folks all over come, meet and look at models and the fantastic layout at Skövde Model society. This year it was at June 18. Here is a few photos from my visit in no special order.
  • Ramnäs Bruk - Ramnäs Bruk makes big chains for oil rigs and oil tankers. Back in time they did all kinds of chains, but today only this niche remains. This the old workshop remains as a museum, the new modern factory is just a few blocks away. What interest me is ...
  • Sala Silvergruva - Sala Silvergruva was an old silver mine. The mine is still open for visitors, tour guides show you around several times a day. We were more interested in the nice surroundings on the surface..
  • Klenshyttan - Klenshyttan (Klens foundry) is a very nice old place which would be super-nice to model, in any scale...!!
  • Nya Lapphyttan - Nya Lapphyttan (or ´New Lapp foundry´ in english) is for once a reconstruction how a foundry looked like and not the real deal. It wasn´t much to see but we found some nice angles on other scenery close by.
  • Ludvika Gruvmuseum - Ludvika Gruvmuseum (Ludvika Mining Museum) is also a collection and reconstruction how swedish mines looked like. They show several machines and buildings either moved here or newly made from old drawings. We have been here before so not so much in detail


  • Bankalaset 2017 - So, one more Bankalas event is over! Lot of folks as usual. Layout was pretty much the same, but a lot nice models and friends to talk to. Also filled up my supply of drills and other hard to find tools.
  • Mariefred 1-4 - Visited ÖSLJ in Mariefred last week. We have been at this place so many times through the years, so only reason for all these photos are purely as a reference guide to details for the modeller. Not one thought put on making "pretty" pictures.
  • Mariefred 2-4 - Visited ÖSLJ in Mariefred last week. We have been at this place so many times through the years, so only reason for all these photos are purely as a reference guide to details for the modeller. Not one thought put on making "pretty" pictures.
  • Mariefred 3-4 - Visited ÖSLJ in Mariefred last week. We have been at this place so many times through the years, so only reason for all these photos are purely as a reference guide to details for the modeller. Not one thought put on making "pretty" pictures.
  • Mariefred 4-4 - Visited ÖSLJ in Mariefred last week. Here is a short video on Virå arriving at Mariefred with a train.
  • Läggesta - Also had a quick visit to Läggesta since the Atlas wagons turned out to be here. Sadly ÖSLJ does not take much care of them, they are again put aside in the background, rusty and filled with gravel. Parked far away from there tourists normally are...
  • Taxinge - Taxinge station is not so much to see, but never been there so we took a short visit here to.
  • Skottvångs gruva - The number of old mining places we haven´t visited is not many now .. but there is a few left to discover! Here is one just south of Mariefred.
  • Brevens bruk - Today we visited Brevens bruk which is an old iron foundry and smeltery. They did not have a mine of there own so it was transported here from far away, even from stockholm ..
  • Hagaberg - In the afternoon we did drive to Hagaberg to visit Hans and Roger. Here is a few pics from that meeting.
  • Anten Gräfsnäs Jvg - Today we did prepare a picnic basket and drove up to Anten for a nice time with coffee, camera and measure stick ... As so many times before, the sky did throw thousand buckets over us .. but we was lucky to get a few pauses inbetween, so we could take...
  • Munkedals Järnväg - Munkedals Järnväg (or Munkedal Railway in english) was once a very nice little 600mm gauge industrial railway. Today only very little remain, even if the line itself in principal is intact. Only a small track up to the factory (which also remains)...


  • Ohsabanan 1(3) - Last thursday we visited Ohs bruk, mainly for measuring a switch-stand to make a 3D print of it in metal, but also haven´t been here for a few years now so it was very nice to look around and see what´s changed. This is part one of three.
  • Ohsabanan 2(3) - Last thursday we visited Ohs bruk, mainly for measuring a switch-stand to make a 3D print of it in metal, but also haven´t been here for a few years now so it was very nice to look around and see what´s changed. This is part two of three.
  • Ohsabanan 3(3) - Last thursday we visited Ohs bruk, mainly for measuring a switch-stand to make a 3D print of it in metal, but also haven´t been here for a few years now so it was very nice to look around and see what´s changed. This is part three of three.
  • Bispberg Mine - End of vacation and back home. Up north in Sweden out on the country side, internet connection is very poor so coming two pages are actually taken a while back. Really hard to find a similar place we haven´t visited already, this is likely the last one..
  • John Ericsson, the Monitor - On our way back we did pass the Långban mine museum. We visited this place before, but back then the John Ericsson exhibition was not open. John Ericsson was born and lived part of his childhood here. We had a nice rest and walk around the premises.
  • Starwars bunker - I really needed more than just coffee to wake up in the morning, so I got this idea to take daily walks during lunch hour, that time left after eating. Walking is nice, both exercise for the body and a bit mindfulness for the mind. I am not much for ....
  • Gothenburg Maritime Center - During my daily lunch-walks I did pass the Gothenburg Maritime Center today. Main purpose was to photograph the Göteborgspråm (Gothenburg Barge) which was unique in Sweden, but also get a glimpse of the Monitor Sölve and the tugboat "Storm Princess"...
  • Anten Gräfsnäs Rwy in Novemb - My lovely wife and I visited Anten Gräfsnäs Järnväg last month. Forgot to post them then, but here they are..


  • Jönköpings Tändsticksfabrik - My wife and I visited Jönköping this weekend and could of course not miss a visit to the museum and there many old amazing machines from the time when the factory was in full action. This is just a small collection of photos. We have been here many time


  • Dalahäst - Made this Dalahäst (Dala horse) for my wife. A famous swedish tourist souvenir and also collected by many (female) swedes... This was a really tricky guy to get printed.. Had several failures before I got to this. Missing legs or terrible undersides ...
  • Airbrush stand - My airbrush stand which was included with the compressor had two problems. 1) It had to be glued in place. 2) I often forgot to tighten the screw before I did a re-fill, which made paint flow over my entire table.. I had to fix that and why not print a ..


  • Camera Stand - My son wanted a camera stand for his Galaxy S9. This was a tricky one .. but this final (third) version works quite good!
  • Spool winder - My printer only takes 0.6kg spools but most are 1kg so I made this gadget to get a simple way to wind over from one spool to another. Many drills a hole in the printer and put the spool on top instead,. but I did not want to drill any holes just yet.. Bes
  • Spool Holder - Just another spool holder ... this time better adapted for my current needs ..


  • About - About 120mm scale and how it all started.
  • Links - the common links page ...





  • Downloads - downloads, drawings, pdf
  • Links - a couple of my favourite train links.




  • DD Left - Here is first log on what´s happening in my cave regarding the new double-decker .
  • DD Right - This month I have continued on the second shelf there the mine will be.
  • DD Background - some test with the "dab-dab technic" ..
  • DD Lights - finally installed last fluorescent light this evening! Yippi !!
  • June, New figures - new figures from TSM.
  • Vacation Shed - Traditional vacation build for 2014
  • Switch stands - Another nice 3D print for the tracks this time.
  • Railway tracks - How the railway tracks was planned to be.
  • Lessebo - Lessebo Chimney set in 1/18.


  • Napoleon - And now something entirely different ... a 1/18 scale cannon from the late 1700´s .. I have a load of figures also somewhere, will be fun painting these.


  • Closed van, part 1 - Suddenly it happens, as they say in the swedish lottery commercial ! My mojo is back! Started cutting a freelance danish beet wagon today. The drawing I made back in 2004 when I did model in Hf scale last time (yes, this is 1/24 scale, not Fn18).
  • Closed van, part 2 - Got a bit further today. Assembled most of the parts, only details like handles etc remains.
  • Closed van, part 3 - Paint and weathering.
  • Closed van, part 4 - Put on bogies today. Sometimes uniform colours looks great, but in this case it turned out to be complete wrong.. Bogies and wheels must have a darker colour, maybe even black.. Also looks if wagon lays to low on the bogies, needs a raise.
  • Kosta Kit 1/24 scale - Got another delivery from ShapeWays this week. This time a 1/24 scale version of the ´Kosta Kit´ my friend Björn made for me. As you maybe see this time I used there new HDA material (High Definition Acrylate). I am very disappointed, this was ...
  • Summer shed - I have built many vacation sheds during the years with more or less success. This is one of the better ones. Scale is 1/24 as for all A&L things (Aspendale & Laurel LR). Walls are recycled veneer wood, a few basswood strips for support, the


  • Trackplan - Trackplans are like milk.., doesn´t stay fresh for long, but I do like milk ..


  • Bazoche Terminal - When we heard first rumor about what MiniTrains would release in 2015 it stood clear that everyone could not just have a brigadelok on there railway, but soon a hole serenade of WW1 vehicles. At that point I right away got to think about this photo, the..
  • Tracks arrived - I miss those days when we could walk or drive down to our local hobbyshop and buy what we needed and start build the same evening .. well, .. Anyways, today my order with tracks and switches arrived so I put it out on one of my "not yet finished" Fn18 ...
  • The Frame - Managed to pass the lumberyard this week, so the recipe is as follows : A simple frame. A piece of plywood. A few pieces of foam, stir well with a bit of glue, spikes and glue ..
  • Final Trackplan - After starting a thread on the NGRM forum I got several suggestions for improvements. Ulrich specially, came up with a version of my original trackplan there the tracks in the front were much more curved. This I liked a lot and will implement in my layout
  • Fascia and first paint - Started on the fascia today and also added first paint to get a sense of how the tracks and landscape will be.
  • Fascia and second paint - Finished the fascia this evening, all four sides are now in place. Also added second paint so now all little holes and crannies are covered. The corners are now starting to show, these will be dark, dense and partly hidden with trees and bushes. The ri...
  • Art paint - This evening I finished both layers of primer on the layout and around the sides. Also started with art paint, the paint you actually will see when all is finished. I add layer by layer, until I get the effect I am after. Still in the very beginning, ...
  • Scenery started - Got a bit further with the layout this weekend. Initial closeup trees on the background did not work, changed it to the current "far away" late summer landscape instead. Two layers of late summer yellow grass so far ..
  • Track painted - Scenery not complete yet, but felt more for track painting today, so track painting it was... Also tested the track with a loco so there isn´t paint in the way for the electricity. Reeds along the river beach and bushes here and there will be added, ...
  • Reeds, Trees and track - Today is a historic day, first train ran on the Bazoche ! Track are tested once more and glued in place. A few trees in place. Fence posts painted and scattered around. First reeds in ...
  • Railyard and ballasting - Today I concentrated mostly on the railyard, but before that I did ballasting all the track "on the other side of the waters".. Did a new approach this time. Added the sand as usual, but carefully did not put ONE drop of glue inbetween the tracks with ...
  • Rails in place - All rails in place now, including the railyard. Also added first layer of static water in the creek. Not much more done this weekend.
  • Railyard ballasted n painted - Railyard ballasted and painted. Locoshed in place, only needs paint and details now. Next is figures, lorries and general detailing.
  • Figures and paint - Another update. Basically finished now, only need to assemble the lorries.


  • Logbook May 2005 - This month I have continued with 'Knallhatten', but haven't finished much yet.
  • Logbook June 2005 - This month I have continued with the flatwagon in 19mm scale.
  • Logbook July 2005 - This month I have continued with the tools van.
  • Logbook July 2005 - This month I have continued with the tools van.
  • Logbook August 2005 - This month I have mostly worked with kits I ordered from Cooper Craft and Binnie Engineering, but I also managed to start on a small mine wagon.
  • Logbook September 2005 - Binnie Engineering kits. 16mm kits I intend to rebuild and adapt for my 19mm scale line.
  • Logbook October 2005 - This month I have some more 16mm stuff to present. Second, my first Pechot bogie finally arrived!
  • Logbook November 2005 - This month I have worked mostly with the RAR project and my web-site's.
  • Scales - How to calculate scales in inches and fractions? What really is 4mm, 7/8in or 16mm scale?



  • Aspendale Depot - Aspendale is the end of line. Here is the waterfront and wharf which opens to the rest of the world. Here will be a Philips look-alike station and a loco shed, plus a pier and a small boat yard.
  • Borkum City - Borkum City is the town there the main reason for these rails lays. Here is the match factory placed with not just stick-machines and box makers, but also a complete sawmill, label print shop and art studio for making new label designs.
  • Logbook February 2004 - Things done this month and prev. month, is mainly building up the benchwork for Aspendale and the loop thrue the tunnel.
  • Logbook March 2004 - Things done this month is mainly the tunnel.
  • Logbook April 2004 - This month I finished the wharf.
  • Logbook May 2004 - This month I almost finished the pier and put first colour on the wharf.
  • Logbook June 2004 - This month I finished the pier and put first trackbed near the wharf.
  • Logbook July 2004 - This month I been on vacation most of the time, but some things has been done anyway. A small house for my lighthouse keeper was made in our caravan, even if I didn´t had the time to finish it completely.
  • Logbook August 2004 - All bench work finished, started making models. From here on the modules will be lightweight and moveable. Prev. logbooks has mainly been about LGB, from now on the real narrow gauge will be in focus.
  • Logbook September 2004 - This month I really 'found' my car standard for both 4 and 8 wheel types. The 4 wheel type will look similar to the WW1 B-class, UK War Department of light railways developed.
  • Logbook October 2004 - Beet Railway wagon and Tip-car in brass. This month I show some pictures on the finished Roebane closed wagon. Second is a test of making a tip-car in brass for Hf.
  • Logbook November 2004 - Beet Railway wagon and Tip-car in brass. This month I show some pictures on the finished Roebane closed wagon. Second is a test of making a tip-car in brass for Hf. Borkum City Module got the most attention this month, after the Beet Railway article was
  • TPT Convention Box, page 1 - I wanted to build a nice looking test layout with just a few switches, which I could use also for train meets. I needed to dismantle an old ´Time Saver´ from my On30 days for the tracks, but when I looked at it, it felt to good to be destroyed.
  • TPT Convention Box, page 2 - Part 2 of the article about my convention box. Here I finish the box and the external touch.
  • Trackplan - This is not really the trackplan, more a description on how my hobby room is set up and how my train tables are positioned, but.. it gives a good view on how I planned it.



  • BM Background story - Many people like to write up a fictional story about there little railway. So do I. I did write a story once about my previous 78n18 layout which was great fun to write, even got a bit carried away.. But also this adventure into Fn18 scale deserves a stor


  • Display Twins - After getting the smaller scales "out of my system" so to speak, it was time to finally start working in 1/20 scale. Below twin modules are the first I done for this project, meant for photo shots. Nice to have same background/scenery each time I ...
  • Display Twins - w tracks - Now they got tracks and are (almost) finished, except missing rail spikes on the 18in gauge module. I couldn´t find my stash so have to order more.
  • Searching for wheels - Searched for hours looking for the wheels I know I have somewhere, I found at least the steam loco chassis and two motor bogies I did not even know I had ..
  • Found wheels - Found the wheels finally .. These comes in pieces in a little bag, they are O scale from Athearn #90803. Six tiny coil springs on each bogie to put in place. Workable but very fiddly.. The size is just right and the wheels very easy to adjust to corr
  • First wagon - Today I added posts to the I-wagon frame I showed you yesterday, also floor and sides. There could be added many more details to it, but this is mainly an experiment to check measures and to get a feeling for it, so this is basically it. Also, I am ...
  • Paint Storage Rack - While waiting for orders from abroad to arrive I did put together a little paint stand. For a long time I had paint and brushes in all kinds of shoe boxes and alike. Another thing is tweezers, I had put a lot of time just looking for the right one. All ..
  • RAR Powder Van - Started on the powder van today. Only a frame so far but feels really good already, just the right size. Big enough to handle details but small enough to make room in the shelf. Several ´buns in the oven´ right now, but I don´t care, I work with what
  • RAR bogies and boxes - Got a package from shapeWays today with the new RAR bogies and axleboxes. This time the CAD master is a friend at work, Björn Centergran. Björn is famous among TrainSim folks running american SG which he made several add-ons for, both locos but also ..
  • RAR WD75 wagon - Still waiting for parts, this time a new re-print of the bogies, first print needs a bit altering. During the wait I put together some track and a WD75 wagon, more as a "concept wagon", the chassis is to high, but the box and the new 3D printed axleb ...
  • Trackplan n Figures - This weekend I did paint some figures from SLMonline, still several more to do. Painted the trackplan for the Borkum module, easier to see how it might look if done "fullscale". Picked out an plastic kit which will be used for mod ...
  • Snoodyk Delivery - Got these just now from Bernard Snoodyk. He was kind to make these to my measures and gauge. They are equipped with his RCC and will be just perfect for my line. The car kit has been stored in a box for years.., finally coming to use as cab and engine...
  • RAR bogies part 2 - First part of the vacation 2015. Mostly relaxed and enjoyed the good weather we got, but also done some smaller things for the layout...
  • Motorloco - body - Last weekend I started on a motor loco for my line. Next step is the frame between body and chassis and weathering
  • Motorloco - chassis - Made a chassis for the motorloco today.
  • Motorloco - weathered - Painted the chassis and added first weathering today. The very dark flat red/brown I used got brown on the body but orange on the chassis ... odd .. One more layer will follow.
  • Motorloco - finished - Finished the loco today. The chassis got maybe a bit to much rust, but I like it as is.
  • Simplex arrived - My simplex arrived today. It is a 3D print from shapeways made by Simon Dawson. This model and his shop is at*Recreation21*. Seems a bit small for 16mm scale on 32mm gauge, but for Fn18 it is just perfect! Just sad my motorbogie doesn´t have the ...
  • Simplex painted - Put on primer and first paint on the simplex today. The motor-bogie under it is just temporary for the photos. The driver is 1/24 scale so a bit small for my (1/20) scale, but had no in correct size. The loco to the right is the first I made this summer.
  • Silhouette Curio - Got my cutting machine yesterday and today I started experimenting. Below is a few pictures showing the results. Turned out up to 0.75mm plastikard works fine. 0.5mm will be ideal I think since 0.75mm only works for snapping outer edges, not inside lik...
  • Cut and glue - For cutting square pieces ordinary low-tech works just fine. First picture shows my manual cutter I had for years. Really can recommend something like it, it cuts perfect straight edges in both hard-card and styrene (up to 0.75mm). Second photo shows ...
  • Powder van started - My new cutter now works so well I started making real parts for my first Powder van from RAR (Royal Arsenal Railway). Above and first photo below shows (almost) all pieces needed to assemble a powder van in Fn18 scale. Second and third photo shows the..
  • Powder van assembly 1 - Couldn´t wait for the missing parts so I started assemble those parts I COULD assemble... Here is first side showing the hinges in place.
  • Powder van assembly 2 - Today I continued the assembly of the powder van. All walls are up and almost finished for details and roof. I will wait with the roof until I see the bogies works fine. A few smaller mistakes done but in all I am very satisfied. Working in plastikard ...
  • The RAR book II - Mark Smithers new book has finally been announced for delivery next year, April 2016. "Mark Smithers has written a number of definitive books and magazine features on the history of locomotive construction and the development of narrow gauge railways. Th
  • Powder Van first paint - Sometimes it does not go as we like ... Was about to paint my van red today but while mixing paint I added way to much black making it to dark. Tried to compensate by adding white but instead I got a brownish red instead .. Well, I have made another ....
  • RAR saloon - Still sick in bed, but well enough to draw on the laptop I started on the RAR saloon from Mark Smithers book...
  • Powder Van second paint - Did visit my local hobby-shop today and this evening I did put on second layer. Since last was a failure I did first only mix clear red with a few drops of flat base, no other colours. Since you can control very easily how much paint an airbrush give...
  • Gum shoe and pippin - Found these on Shapeways. Amazingly good sculpted. They will be two drivers on my pike. Right now they are taking a long hot bath, so I can paint them later.
  • Powder Van (almost) finished - Put on black around the frame and end beams. Bogies in place, couplers installed. New proper roof made and painted. Lettering - not so much ... No problem cutting them, the Curio machine could have made them even smaller. The problem is to let the ...
  • RAR 3 plank open - Built a 3 plank open wagon today. Rather easy, took about two hours to assemble and paint, but that does not include making the drawing and cutting out the pieces which I did last weekend. Was not sure about ....
  • RAR saloon 2 - Got a bit further on the Saloon today! Still a lot to do, but it starts to look like something. The floor is 2mm styrene so at least something is sturdy, sides/ends are 0.4mm and roof is 0.25mm styrene. Had to be to be able to bend it properly to a ...
  • RAR saloon 3 - Finished assembly today and made the saloon ready for the paint-shop. Primer and first layer is added now. Final paint and lettering left to do. Shiny paint is a bit tricky to airbrush, any tiniest detail shows. The paint does not cover completely now...
  • Track Gauge - I wanted to try to print something in metal and I had a need for a track gauger, so I wrote it up in my silhouette cutter machine software and my friend was kind to convert it into an STL file I could send to Shapeways. Brass was a bit expensive so I ...
  • 2nd class coach, 1 - Cut out the parts for the 2nd class coach today.
  • 2nd class coach, 2 - Been a very lazy saturday today. I needed that. In the evening I made a little progress on the coach. Assembled and glued on supports for the inside of the walls.
  • 2nd class coach, 3 - Walls put together and pre-painted inside. With the saloon I found it difficult to reach everywhere, so this time I did it before assembly.
  • 2nd class coach, 4 - all walls glued together. siding detailing started. Roof started.
  • 2nd class coach, 5 - "As a wise man once sad, today was not a total failure, we just learn several new ways how to NOT make a light-bulb.."
  • RAR saloon 4 - I would like to call the Saloon also 100% finished but the window frames got to messy, they need more practice and attention.
  • 2nd class coach, 6 - Fruitful weekend... also the 2nd class coach got some attention. Assembled last pieces today, only the torpedo vents left to install. Also put on primer and first layer of paint. It looks like firetruck red, but it isn´t, the camera exaggerated the red..
  • 2nd class coach, 7 - Worked on several different projects today, but mostly on the coach so this stays under that name. The coach colour has reached it´s final shade. I won´t dare try to darken it even more, even if it should .. Roof vents are washed, dried, painted and m..


  • Woolwich loco, part 1 - Time for the first steam locomotive in my Fn18 scale. I have chosen the Woolwich loco of the Charlton class from the Royal Arsenal Railways.
  • Avesta loco, part 1 - Started with the Avesta loco from ÖSLJ today. Can´t do much more with the Woolwich loco until I have the chassis, so I took this smaller project inbetween. The cab took about four hours to build including making the drawings and cut out the pieces. ...
  • Woolwich loco, part 2 - Finally the chassis from Bernard Snoodyk in AU arrived this week. Now the show can start. With the help of the cutter I will a build a Woolwich loco on the first chassis. What to be with the second chassis is not decided yet.
  • Woolwich loco, part 3 - Last weekend I did install one engine in one of the chassis plus oiling and a bit running in. Also took a short video which I added to youTube.
  • Woolwich loco, part 4 - Today I did the final adjustments to the drawings and cut out all the pieces except the boiler. I am not sure if I will make the boiler from a piece of pipe or if I will cut it out from styrene sheet to. I will see if I can find a pipe in correct dim...
  • Woolwich loco, part 5 - Started assembling parts today. One side and both ends are up. The glue I use (Tamiya) is great except that it smells just terrible, even with all windows open I have in my workshop. Sitting complete outdoors would be the best, but my eyes ...
  • Woolwich loco, part 6 - Second, the left side is up. Next step is the boiler made of a curtain rod.


  • Match Factory Module - This layout will be divided by 3 different modules, each about 60cm * 360cm. The Borkum module is the first module to build, the rest are so far only on the planning stage. One new thing is that the track will be handmade and with no power. All locos ...
  • The Match Factory Line - I come to realize that "future plans" tends to never happen.. plus the third module which is on top of my workbench is much needed for other tasks, so today I started thinking of "a hole concept idea" there both so far built shelf modules along the wall..


  • C-201 Saloon Coach - The saloon coach are now finally 100% finished, as good as it can be. Overall it is a success as I see it. It is a big step up on what I made before this and I had great fun while I built it and several ah-haa moments had on the way. Several smaller ...
  • C-202 2nd Class Coach - So, finally, even the 2nd class coach is finished. Bogies and couplers are assembled and mounted, lettering painted. Windows feels a bit "empty" and door handles is missing, but at the moment I need this vehicle to rest for a future "fix up" on details.
  • G-301 van - First "real" vehicle in Fn18 scale to be 100% finished. A RAR Powder Van look-alike, lettered as #301 for my Borkum Match Light Railway.
  • G-302 3 plank open - Second wagon made in Fn18 scale now 100% finished. Here it is more obvious that the lettering got to big, but I really like the appearance it got!


  • About - started as a co-operation between Peter Coulter, Ken Cooper and me Henrik Laurell. We wanted to start a site for all 18inch gauge related railways and specially promote the model scale 7/8in for it (1:13.7). After now a rather dormant period si


  • Hudson Ammunition Wagon - After I started my part of the Hudson project, I surfed alot to find more info. After a while, I find Amerton Rwy in the UK. I contacted them to ...
  • Logbook December 2004 - This month was the first for the Hudson project, so a lot has happen since start.



  • Logbook January 2006 - A Hopper of a Different Kind.
  • Logbook February 2006 - the coach is coming closer..
  • Logbook March 2006 - Here is the projects I have been working with this month. Still nothing done on the coach, but I will, the interest is still high. The water tower is almost finished only smaller details like handles and ladder remains.
  • Logbook April 2006 - Here's whats happen this month in the 7/8in part of my world...
  • Logbook May 2006 - Time flies.., here comes my logbook for May 2006.
  • Logbook June 2006 - logbook for June. This month is a record in model building! I have never before made so much in a month!
  • Logbook July 2006 - July is vacation time in Sweden, so there's been little time off for models. At least some was done.




  • Logbook January 2009 - This month I started on the building fronts. Not much time as I usually have.
  • Logbook February 2009 - This month I have assembled more skips and worked on prefabricated tracks.
  • Logbook March 2009 - This month I have continued assembling the remaining skips and flats plus started on the factory buildings.
  • Logbook April 2009 - This month I have finished the sawmill and started on first factory building, the assembly building.
  • Logbook June 2009 - This month I have started on building a closed van for finished products.




  • Coaches - On this page I will present my coaches built sofar.
  • Goods Wagons 1-10 - presentation of my goods wagons built for the BMT project so far.
  • Goods Wagons 11-20 - presentation of my goods wagons built for the BMT project so far.
  • Goods Wagons 21-30 - presentation of my goods wagons built for the BMT project so far.
  • Goods Wagons 31-40 - presentation of my goods wagons built for the BMT project so far.
  • Locos - On this page I will present my locos. At the moment there is only one RTR and numerous motor chassis who hasn´t leaved that state..




  • The Frame - the frame in place.
  • Flashback - a quick step back in time.
  • Ply, Foam and Paint - making some basic ground..
  • Track painting - detailed painting.
  • Fascia installed - installed sides and worked a bit further.
  • Hillside covered - time for first scenery.
  • First grass - grass and track trials.
  • Water under the bridge - started with the riverbed today.
  • Track laying I - cabel work done, section A in place.
  • Track laying II - track in place and ballasted, started on trees.
  • HO/OO Scale day - first scale day.
  • On30 Scale day - Still smaller things to do like painting rail joints, build a false front for the control box and adding details, but I couldn´t wait, today I did go further with next ...
  • 1/32 Scale day - This is all I have in this scale. Never come to that stage there the loco got assembled.. but you never know.
  • Gn15 Scale day - This is almost all I have in Gn15. Most of these were first meant for the ´Laurel Creek Mine´ but that layout stalled on the way before it got finished.
  • 7mm Mine Tub - Ordered this nice kit from Smallbrook Studio a while ago, along with a few other of there kits. Really "cute" as my wife would say.. Easy one hour project to fiddle with. I seen these on the net several times and always wanted to see how they look up ...
  • SOLD - Farmers Point was sold to Hans Hammarsten this summer.


  • 1:35 scale and about - Around 1:35 was my scale for many years, but never got down to build something more than one or two timesavers. Mostly small loco/car projects.
  • 1:50 scale - After I while I apparently realised that 12mm was wrong for Sn2, because this Pershing Boxcar is made in 1:50 scale.
  • Sn2 scale - For a while I tryed some scratbuilding in Sn2 (1:64) with Berliner TT locos as a start. Berliner TT was a (at the time) east german manufactor, which made 1:120 scale trains on 12mm gauge tracks.
  • Drawings - A few drawings I made back in 1986.


  • A Fork In The Road - My new 3D printer has changed so much. Since I can print whatever I want at home, in hours instead of ten days or more, I do not have same interest for Shapeways and my Web-shop there anymore (I will keep my shop but it will not be updated in the same man
  • Print Experiments - Here is some experiments from last night. Second two last images shows what happens when the supports are to weak and loose grip with the board.. I am using the gray filament for all these tests cause I found out that both black and gray gives much more.
  • Bogie protos done! - It took some tweaking to get these right, but here they are! My new standard bogie and wagon chassis for 1:35n18 scale. Right now I am printing something to put on top of the wagon chassis. Bogie wagons will come next.
  • Box wagons printed - Forever hours is over, here is the finished ´product´ !!
  • New wagon bodies - At first a few hours compared to 10-12 days with Shapeways felt amazing. Now "a few hours" feels forever ...  !! First print of the wagon bodies failed, so I had to restart the print. It happens sometimes, 9 of 10 it is a miss in the drawing, sometimes
  • New skip wagons - Box wagons painted. Also the skip wagons are ready printed now. Only a small tank wagon left, then it is time for some kind of loco to pull them around.
  • Decauville 0-4-2 - This is Decauville loco type nr 6 which had two driving axles and one trailing extra axle under the cab. I am modelling the version which ran on HRRJ - Helsingborg Råå Ramlösa Järnväg around 1900. This is how far I got this ev....
  • Powder Van - One example of one of my old drawings in 1/45 scale which actually worked ok to upscale to 1/35 and print at home!
  • Decauville got a chimney - While waiting for the bogies to be printed I got a bit further on the loco, adding front hatch, chimney etc other details. Almost complete now, a couple of rivets here and there (uncounted..) and she should be ready to print! Mark Clark´s chassi will...
  • Decauville got details - a few more details added this evening. Slowly getting there! cylinders sit a bit high, but have to to fit the chassis ..
  • Box repaint - I was not happy with the red paint on the box wagons so they got repainted last night. The red paint will however be great on the powder wagon. The tankers on last image needs some sanding. Often this does not show until first paint is on, like here.
  • Decauville ReadyToPrint - The drawing for the decauville is now complete and ready for the printer, but the queue is long ... Hopefully get to start the print tomorrow evening the latest.
  • Powder Van Painted - The printer is working full time, no new drawing to make at the moment, so I turned my attention to the paint booth instead and made this. Put the 0 scale version to the right to compare the scales with. Loco in the back is not from my drawing, found it o
  • New Fork Turns Around - I turned the mine module around 180 degrees and then did a rockad with the second module so the mine ended up at far right. The second module now got a new purpose as the harbour. In this new fork of mine I start with the harbour instead and NO ...
  • Decauville is printed - Already the first print of the body is fully ok, will only add some more supports for the cab opening in the drawing, plus a bit more space there the motor goes in. The frame could be used as is also, but I am not satisfied with how the cylinders sits, ..
  • LID contest wagon - Back in the Aug/Sep 2005 issue of LID - Light Iron Digest, Gary Kohler did had a very nice article about this mine wagon. In 2006 I built a model in 7/8in scale of it. I stumbled on first picture below last week and started sketching about a 1/35 scale...
  • LID wagon printed - The LID wagon was done printing this morning! It looks great but I did not realize how big it is until I saw the result .. For my needs I will shrink it a bit and print again.
  • LID wagon, second print - The second generation of the LID wagon was done printing this morning! A few clicks and I had another one, but smaller .. Since I started printing during nights my prints goes very fast now .. I blink my eyes and next morning when I wake up the print is
  • LID wagon, third print - For some reason I got the idea that two axles would look much better on these wagons. Said and done, spent most of the weekend making it work properly.. Looking at it now I feel two bogies instead will be much better ... All these decisions ...
  • LID wagons painted - The three LID wagons I printed so far visited the paintshop last night. Two axle version is abandon in favor of the bogie version. Working on perfecting that now.
  • Fork Harbor I - Started on the harbour module this evening. See below. It is 55 * 200 cm. The previous watermill module idea is now abandon and now part of the harbour which by that can be much larger. Along the background will be a 3ft gauge team track for reloads of..
  • LID bogies printed - First batch of the final bogies was printed this morning. This time I got them right !! Wheels can now be both mounted and unmounted easily. A lick of paint plus another 4 pairs is next.
  • LID wagon bigpack - Now when I got the drawings right I started this bigpack of wagon bodies. Two of these will be printed so I to start with can have at least one eight wagon ore train. Each pack takes 16 hrs to print..
  • LID bigpack printed - Four wagons in a row like this is not good with my printer. I know it already, still I do the same mistake .. Small parts placed to long apart does cool down differently and by that also bends a bit. Anyways, this time I got lucky. Those imperfections ...
  • Fork stuff - The harbour got the final beams on the underside of the frame glued in place today. Tomorrow I can turn it over and start on the scenery and track. The first BigPack batch got some paint and weathering to. Second and last batch of three wagons (since I ha
  • Decauville chassis - Now when the Catomat is out of my system and both LID wagons and Fork Harbour module is drying, I did go back to the Decauville loco again. Did some final touch-up before time for printing. Really would need two printers now, ... I tend to always keep ...
  • LID 2nd batch printed - Second and last batch of the LID wagons was printed this morning. Now I have all 8 plus 2 from the two-axle attempt which will be "parked" on a sidetrack somewhere. .
  • Decauville chassis printed - The chassis was ready printed when I got home from work today. Chassis design is done now. The pivot for trailing axle moves ok sideways but still need a bit tweaking for better roll on the axle.
  • Decauville chassis again - The chassis was ready printed when I got home from work today, for the third time. Now the RAR chassis sits just perfect and no damage to the frame this time! Also the improvements I added to the cylinders got better, so in a way I am glad I did another .
  • Recycled layout boards - I have had a few layout frames which was past there duedate long time ago. I thought it to be sad to just throw them away, so I saved them. They have been hitting my feet each time I pass them (not the other way around..) so I got the idea to make shelf..
  • Fork Harbor II - Put some foam on the harbor module this evening. Height to the waterline got way to high, maybe I will use a thinner top foam layer to lower it. The 3 foot line which was intended to be along the background got to tight ... Maybe I will have to re-think t
  • Fork Studies - Just some pictures to "taste" the new setup...
  • Decauville body printed! - That was a long wait .. but here finally the body is done printing! It turned out great, absolutely no need for another print. Now it will be sanded and get some primer and paint! Just the chassis pivot which hunts me now. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Decauville primer - Did assemble the loco today and put on first primer. Really like this dark gray! Final paint will be black, but a tone of dark gray would look great to I think. I did some initial sanding before the primer, but easier to see after if more is needed and..
  • Henrik got a booth - This wasn´t a day to early .. One must take care of ones health .. With my previous setup I used all kinds of masks and open window and all that.. But, really this is the first setup which will work in the long run, cause I stopped using masks and only..
  • Decauville fourth paint - After primer and two layers of black I put on fourth layer of paint this evening; the green, red and silver colours. All with an ordinary brush.. The chassis also got painted and installed. A closeup photo reveals so much .. some tidying up work left to..
  • 891mm gauge wheel - Designed and printed a 891mm gauge wheel today (3 swedish feet). As you see it worked fine, but axle have to be in metal. Axleboxes works fine to print to, that is next.
  • Fork Foam - Been sick for a few days. Today I "tried my wings" in the cave, but took only 15 min to cut some foam and start the printer, before I was done and back to bed .. Anyways, here is current status. The harbor floor is now level compared to the waterline, but
  • 891mm sleepers - Today is the first time there I made a drawing, printed it and it turned out right first time.. Seems I am starting to get the feel for PLA. While I waited for that to print, I did mess some up with paint on the layout. No more white foam. Look what a...
  • 891 flatWagon parts - The brake cab was finished this morning from last night. The axleboxes was done just now. Brake cab turned out very well, also the axleboxes, but the wheels got "filled in" between the spokes... Still this is the same drawing I used before, I only inclu..
  • 891 wheels - Well it been a tired sum fight, but finally it is over. See below. Still not really sure what caused the problem and how to avoid it, but I got around the infill problem which is what counts. A complete new re-scale of the wheel, that done it. So, next...
  • 891 oreWagon - So life goes on. This was what was printed last night, an up-scaled version of the 0m Ore Wagon. The plan, if I may to be so bold to tell that in public (since it floats like ice on the ocean.. : P ), is to have 2-3 oreWagons, one flat and one Van on ...
  • 891 paint from the booth - and with some paint on. Last pic shows them in place on the layout. As you can see there is not room for more than 2, maybe 3 more wagons there.
  • Fork Harbour III - Glued all the foam in place today, so now that is settled. When dry I will turn the layout around so I can finish the back while I can reach it. Last is pictures on the wheels mounted on axles and painted. I do not have enough of them yet, but soon to be.
  • 891 Van - This Van was done printing this morning after 21 hours ... It is the biggest I done so far! Length is 21cm ex the brim, of a total max of 25.4 cm available. This bigger printing space is something to consider when buying a printer. Not many can print ....
  • 891 Team track - Started building the background team track a few days ago. Glued on first stone wall against the platform this morning. Further away there will be an ore loading ramp for the ore wagons. For this the first sleepers looked a bit to much up-scaled peco....
  • 891 Stoppbock - Stoppbock, that is swedish for buffer stop. While I am waiting for the last batch of sleepers to be printed (see first two pictures below), I did finish the ´stoppbock´ drawing this evening. Since last also added grass and sand on the platform.


  • 891 Track down - Well, at least first half of the track is laid now, see below. The PLA plastic is a bit shiny so I first hand-painted them flat light gray. Could have done it with the airbrush but I didn´t want paint inside the tie plates. Tricky with getting the r.....
  • 891 Couplers - Continued with couplers for the three foot gauge wagons. Closest 3ft railway from Gothenburg is Anten Gräfsnäs Jvg, so there is what most of my inspiration comes from. My design is not 100% but as close as I want them to be. Just waiting for a place...
  • Atlas in 1/35 - Track glue is drying and printer is busy, so I started with the Atlas wagons. The 0 scale drawing does not work to up-scale, to delicate to print in PLA for 1/35. Also wanted to do a few changes in the design, so this is a complete new drawing adapted ...
  • 891 new flat wagon - Here is a new flat wagon I am working on. I was not fully satisfied with the previous design. For this I also designed new wheels with the support on the inside instead. Also 3mm axles instead of 2mm.
  • 891 wheels II - Previous wheels was ok, but these are the final really good ones! Even if the computer is micro-exact, my fingers are not .. Getting the previous wheels mounted on the axle without wobbling or off-center was tricky. These with thicker axle and really bold
  • 891 weeds - Rather amazing.. glue is not even dry yet on the second half of the 3ft track, before weeds start to grow ..! After dried up and vacuumed, it is time to turn the layout around again, cause this track is done. Hurray!
  • Fork Harbor IV - Background team track was vacuumed this evening and by that finished and done. Harbor module was then turned around again. Started on the quay front wall. Ran out of material as usual, so the station platform will get it´s side stone wall at a later dat
  • 891 Couplers II - The van was the biggest I printed so far. These couplers are for sure the tiniest I printed... With this the flat wagon is now not far from finished, only need final paint and axleboxes / wheels to install.
  • Bollards - This evening I designed and printed two types of bollards. The winner was the straight up pole kind of guy .. The bent horn type is nice to, but gives hint of a much bigger harbor than I had in mind. These will be painted flat black with a bit seagull sh
  • 891 final paint and assembly - Put on final paint and started assembly of the 891mm gauge wagons this evening. Second picture shows all of them, maybe I will print one more ore wagon later on, but not now. Last shows wheel assembly.
  • 891 poles - Made these poles the other day to set around the sides on the 891 flat wagon. At first I did not know if it was possible, but as you can see apparently it was... : )
  • Göteborgspråm I - Started on the Göteborgspråm yesterday (Gothenburg barge). Hope to continue this weekend. Fun to do some ordinary modeling for once.. Will only print a few details to put on deck, the rest will be hand made. I visited Gothenburg Maritime Center in Oct..
  • Jenbach JW20 - Made this little jenbach loco this evening. Always loved it, but it took until now to make a model. My Dremel does it´s best with printing it while we speak! It is really tiny and I had to use the smallest Halling 12mm gauge motor bogie I have to m....
  • Jenbach printed - This model clearly shows that 1/35 scale does not need to be big! See last picture with compare to both Gn15, 009 and 0 scale models. The flywheels touch the ends of the opening in the frame. Easy to carve out 0.5mm in each side, but also easy to re-print
  • Template test - Did some tests this morning with making a template for airbrushing letters to a wagons side. I was a bit optimistic on how thin I could make it .. Just because I can make a perfect brim in 0.15mm is not the same as making correct objects... I worked my wa
  • Jenbach first paint - Painted twice. Needs more sanding, sanding and some more, sanding .. but quite nice still!
  • Template used - It looks quite nice, but as you can see these letters are way to big ... Further testing needed.
  • Göteborgspråm 2 - Continued with the barge today. Added second side and started on the planking. They are plain coffee stirrers which I was lucky to order through my local food store a few years ago. Nice to have use for them at last!
  • Making a mold - This was another interesting test! Learned from my mistake with the paint template I made this first version much smaller. The final one will of course be much bigger with room for a hole building side. The final would take 11 hrs to print, way to long..
  • Fork evening report - See above. It was as full to start with as second fill below... Expect PLA is leaking or something .. On last pic I am gluing the front boards to the port side bow of the barge. Look, I am actually building model boats again : ) that was not yesterday!
  • Mold and Alex figure - Mold picture shows 2nd fill after 48 hrs. A bit amazed on how much the glue has shrunken !! Not sure if it is the glue or some reaction from the PLA plastic.. never had this before using ready-made wall sheets. The figure is from Thingiverse wh...
  • Mold after 3rd fill - The solution to the mystery is quite puzzling.. The glue appeared transparent only now, but looking at first two photos below it is proven that it always been so.. (both are transparent, in the new mold and so on the ready-made roof tile sheet) The white.
  • Cement Mixer - Made this cement mixer for a couple of friends, inspired by the MiniArt version. Uploaded to ShapeWays it will probably be more expensive than the MiniArt version, but on a home printer it is pennies.. Photos when printed..
  • Mixer Printed - Here comes the mixer printed out. Looking forward to see what Hans and Roger makes of them !!
  • Atlas and Barge - The Atlas mine wagon was the first real model I did myself back in April 2017 when I started doing my own drawings. Then I had an intense long period with first swedish, german and then all the RAR vehicles. All those drawings were made in 0 scale, euro..
  • Roof Tiles - Now when the previous mold test worked out OK, I did continue and did these full size roof tiles in 1/35 scale. Second is a mold for the ridge tiles. I am eager to print and test them out - this time cleaned with dish-washing first, but I have family.....
  • Galtströms Kran - This crane was published in swedish AOH magazine a couple of years back, always in my memory since then. Today that dream came true! These 3D printed details will be placed on a wooden building, made in "conventional" way with plywood frame, basswood s...
  • Atlas Mine Wagon - Here comes the mine wagon to put on top of the atlas chassis. Seems I got around complete circle with this one .. The print quality had been better than this, but I am ok with it for now. This is a first test print anyway. The axleboxes and the mine "buc
  • Knallhatten first print - Here is what was printed last night, first test print of the Knallhatten loco. This is straight from the SW drawing, basically only changed scale to see how it would look. Handles needs fixing, but the rest is quite ok.
  • Crane details - Last night I did print these details to the Galtströms crane. You might wonder why I print so much and not much else.. Simple reason for that, during work days I am rather drained on energy in the evenings, but click start on the printer is not that hard
  • Göteborgspråm 3 - Got a bit further with the barge. Only bottom deck left to finish now, plus some details to add on top.
  • Freelance Peat wagon - Freelance Peat wagon for my friend Hans Hammarsten.
  • Göteborgspråm Finale - The Gothenburg barge is done! Lower deck in place, painted and weathered to hopefully look very old .. as if used for timber many years back. Bollards, or what you call it when on a boat/ship is in place to. Quay side also got it´s last ....
  • Ore Wagons - In the last hour, the last day of 2018, the Ore wagons got some wheels on!


  • Logbook October 2005 - This month has been a slow start, but at least a start. First picture below shows first batch of three which got to the big scrapbox in heaven... Forgotten to measure twice, first was complete wrong. Shit happens...


  • I3Y start - First trackplan! Have been chewing on this for a while, time to raise the flag !
  • Peckett 0-6-0 chassis - A peckett 0-6-0 chassis arrived from Mark Clark at today!! I ordered this chassis for mostly freelance projects, but maybe I will do a Peckett of it to, who knows .. It runs like a dream only needs a lick of paint. Will make my own bo...
  • Cut some foam - Had some progress this evening with cutting foam to my new inglenook layout. As you maybe see the plan has evolved a bit. Now it contains 3 Y-switches and the water is more of a waterfront then quay and a small creek is added on the right side.
  • First population - Needed some population in 11mm (1:27.7) scale so I printed these three guys from Thingiverse, Alex, Alessio and "Man in Apron". Quite good again. The gunner is a gift from my friend Dan this evening and is a resin print on a Zortrax printer.
  • Glue and paint - Foam glued in place. First and second layer of paint added.
  • Just a door - Did draw and print this door this evening. Didn´t get so well, need to clean the nozzle and print again.
  • Grass grows fast - Grass grows fast if you water with white glue! Try it, it´s true. Something for golf courses to take up maybe .. : P. Matching windows for the doors are printing now, pictures later.
  • Ohs bruk Windows - Here comes the windows, made from measures on Ohs Bruk station building taken back in summer 2018. Doors look a bit small next to them, but need to reprint them anyway.
  • Baby steps - Baby steps today, but in the right direction - forward! Added a bit more grass in the background, painted all sleepers light-gray and begun to paint the rails rusty. The layout starts to blend in with the background now, which is one of the main purposes,
  • Tracks and bridges - Last evening I was about to continue painting the rails rust brown when I realized I missed something..., the sleepers are way to small for 1:32 scale ... I could insert wooden coffee stirrers in-between each second PECO sleeper, but why not print
  • Alan Keef K12 part 1 - Today I did draw up CAD for the Alan Keef K12 loco. Drawing from last UK Review magazine. The chassis I found, PIKO 52059 fits like a glove! It costed 1219 SEK (about 110 euro) which I found quite Ok for a motor chassis which crawls ....
  • Natural sand & tea .. - My wife and I had a nice walk to the lake today. Not a wet drop from the sky spite weather reports.. On the way home I did pick up some sand to filter, see last pic. While home I found a box with old tea which also will come handy making scenery for.....
  • Alan Keef K12 part 2 - My Keef loco was finished printing this morning. Unfortunately I am becoming increasingly hesitant to continue using my Dremel for scale models. It is still perfect for gadgets and for example my sleepers (which require PLA which is a bit more flexible...
  • Alan Keef K12 part 3 - As I wrote in my last post I wanted to get one final good print of this Alan Keef loco made on the Dremel. Below is second attempt. Before first I did clear the nozzle as good as I could. Before this, I did change to a complete new nozzle, never used b...
  • Vacuum cleaner nozzle - Shame on those who give up, so I did draw up this vacuum cleaner nozzle yesterday evening. It was finished printing this morning. For some reason the base of this is smooth as a babies bum .. Go figure.
  • Sleeper paint - Glue and computer was still not finished, so I continued painting almost all sleepers for the Inglenook! The gray PLA is to light and shiny, needed this flat a bit darker gray instead.


  • Startup - It all started when a friend and I visited a train meet a few months ago. Another visitor had with him a fantastic HO std gauge layout with this amazing little station on. Beside it was a little side building which got my attention - the combined wash...
  • Delivery - Santa got early this year, look at these nuggets !! Hard to believe these are to 1/45 scale, compared to the rest 009/HOe in the background, they do not look that much bigger... It is a bit difficult to see details before first primer is on, but don´t ..
  • First paint - Washed them in hot water and dish-washing liquid yesterday. Today I put on some primer and first paint on the 0f locos and wagons. The dull-coat bottle was empty so will have to be another day.
  • Antens uthus - Did drive my lovely wife to work this morning. Since I am on vacation during the holidays and already awake, I did take the opportunity to have a little adventure and drove up to Anten station to take photos of the wash-house/outhouse I am modelling ...
  • Foundation - Cleaned of all big scale stuff today (as seen below) and started on the foundation for the Koltorp station house. 0 scale still feels "small" so for comparison I placed a 1/32 figure beside the wall. After continuing the measures for the windows this ...
  • Walls r up - Spent first day of the year making and assembling the station house pieces.
  • Roof started - Still waiting for my order of Northeastern sheets from MJ-Hobby so I started with the roof today. Was not sure if the fiskars crimple tool would work in 0 scale, but it turned out to be quite OK. Couldn´t wait for all the tiles to get in place, had to ..
  • Roof tiles in place - Finished the roof tiles today. This roof will work this time, but next I will do as I did with Klenshyttan, using a mould. This works fine in bigger scales, but to fiddly in 0 scale...
  • Doors - Started with the doors. The piece to the left is the result of the two to the right put together. Figure right is 1/32 for compare, again ...

    This is a perfect example what the curio cutter is good for. Drawing took some time but now I can cut out as m

  • Spanish tile - Had some problems finding a roof tile sheet in O scale which somewhat mimics swedish roof tiles, but it turned out that Plastruct has one version called ´Spanish Tile´. As before, instead of using it as expensive roof cover on my model, I use it as a ..
  • Tiles, doors and windows - First image shows the result of a to rushed molding. I did not wash off the hot dishwashing liquid properly before adding glue, nor did I push down the glue with an old brush either which would have solved it a bit. The result is bubbles .. But still th..
  • Chimney - During the evening I did continue with the chimney. In all a great day in the cave!
  • Walls assembled - Walls assembled and doors n windows glued on! Chimney painted. Did another mould test with a stone wall sheet I found in a box.
  • Headframe, started - The name of the station "Koltorp" is swedish and put apart "kol" = coal and "torp" = croft. So the name implies there is some coal business in this area... Since the station is almost finished I started on the next building. It was "supposed" to be a ....
  • Deliveries - Got some 0 scale deliveries this week. First a Halling motorbogie for 12mm gauge, then a bunch of 3D prints from Shapeways. The bogies are for 014 scale / gauge, but easy to put a spacer in to get my 12mm gauge wheels inside.
  • Motors and wheels - Today I did install the motor in the "Holzvergaserlok". First sanded a halfmoon in each end with the dremel to make room for the ends of the flywheel and then carved a bit in each side to lower it a bit. It shows on the pictures that it needs to be low...
  • Station done - Station is done! I am not sure about the sign on top, but that can be changed later on... Also solved the wheel-axle problem. Stubbornness does it.
  • Pechot solution - Two sides made in the cutter with two very exact axle holes and a piece on top. Mounted together, peacefully.. and with no risk of destroying an expensive 3D print. When done and rolling as it should, I added the cosmetic pechot bogie on top. So, that´s
  • Atlas wagons - Started with the Atlas wagons. They will be the backbone of my wagon fleet when I got a couple of them assembled. The prototypes did run on the Nyberget mine railway up north in Sweden. This is just the very first trial and a lot still to do before ...
  • Mormor loco - Before I start a project I always try to be sure I have all the supplies I need. Well, I started alright, but not enough to continue with the Atlas wagons, so I started another project instead.. Not wise, but the weekend wasn´t over, so what to do ...
  • Atlas wagons today - A friend on the NGRM forum, George Morris, added a few great photos to my thread on how the Atlas wagons looks today in Mariefred. To my surprise and joy they have been restored to original design and repainted. George gave me permission to show them h...
  • First Atlas painted - Sides are built up and hole shebang painted. I found out several smart ideas during this build, but I also made so many mistakes next wagon can´t possibly be worse.. So I guess I announce this first as a "test wagon".. It´s been both drama and police...
  • Atlas ZamZoodled - Assembled and mounted my first Zamzoodled couplers today.

    While still in one piece (easier to hold) I did drill up the holes a bit, so the steel thread did go through properly. A small bowl with water was handy to dip it in sometimes, since such a s..

  • Atlas 2nd Generation - Started on the second generation of my Atlas wagons. All old mistakes corrected and so far no new ones made ..
  • Atlas w Kadee - My order with Kadee H0n3 couplers arrived this week. I wanted something to compare the ZamZoodled couplers with. Assembled first four of them today. Accept for the tiny spring in the middle rather easy to assemble, spite it´s size.... Made a new tool....
  • Second Atlas wagon - Second Atlas wagon assembled and airbrushed today. Still not decided on couplers ... On these pictures you see both ZamZoodled and Kadee H0n3 couplers. Kadee H0n3 feels to small and ZamZoodled to big. I will order Kadee #5 (H0 standard) to, to compare w..
  • Headframe, walls - Put some attention to the headframe building today, not much more.. Relaxed sunday in the early spring ..
  • First module started - Today I moved the Klenshyttan layout to the other side of the room and started planning for the first module on this little railway, which of course is the Koltorp station module. All modules will be 55cm wide and the longest 160cm long, but most will ...
  • Headframe, crusher house - Made the crusher house and started on mounting and painting the windows. Also made new doors specially for the headframe.
  • Headframe, corrugated roofs - The roofs of these buildings were not covered with tiles but instead corrugated iron sheets were used. Tiles were more for permanent buildings. Also, I would not be the one climbing up on a ladder to change tiles that high up .... I took some hardcard ...
  • Headframe, corner boards - Got a bit further with the headframe this evening. Added some roofs and corner boards. Also got a new delivery from Shapeways.
  • Studio lights - What I did this evening is no different from yesterday, painted windows and added iron sheets to the roofs. What´s new is the light in the pictures. At least some of us buy a new loco to our railway now and then, I put the same amount (about 120 ....
  • Headframe, windows windows - After painting another batch of windows today, my patience ran over ... I just had to put on a couple to see the result. While doing so almost all I needed for the headframe got glued on .. At first I was aiming for a picture like above but with all pa...
  • Atlas, the 3D version - This is how far I got with the Atlas wagon in 3D today, Only the levers for the unloading mechanism remains to do. I can really recommend the Autocad 123d Design program. I didn´t think 3D modelling could be this easy. This is after only a week of try...
  • Crates - My new crates arrived ! I did paint them and the wheelbarrows today.
  • Screen house, started - Now when the Headframe building is almost finished, I started with the screen house today. First image doesn´t say much, but second and third below does. This is more or less how I intend to build it. It will be 24cm wide and 42cm long in 1/45 scale. ...
  • The Hoist - Started on the hoist this evening, the last thing to do on the headframe building.
  • Headframe done - Painted the hoist and installed the tracks this evening so now are not only the hoist finished but the hole Headframe building. Also got reply from North yard in downunder today. Last two pics shows which wheels I selected. Will be absolute super for my..
  • Ore bins 1 - Got basic frame and front wall for the ore bins up today. Screen house will stand on top when finished. So far only basswood and thin plywood. Bottom floor is 39 * 16 cm.
  • Ore bins 2 - Got a bit further today. Not as visual as yesterday, but still.
  • Atlas in 3D, the chassis - With a bit help from a friend, the Atlas axleboxes combined with a frame. Will arrive from Shapeways next week. They will not only be chassis for the mine and flat wagons, but also a couple of freelance wagons as well.
  • PVA mould again - Have been adding thin layers of ordinary carpenters white glue in a mould this week. Since I am using a rather deep "mould" this time, I had to make the layers thin to get them dried out properly before I added the next layer. These will cover the foundat
  • PVA painted - The pva dried out so I put on first dark gray paint. When it dried out to I will drybrush a ligher gray on top to get out the contours even more.
  • Ore bins 3 - Ore bins almost finished, only detailing of the chutes left to do now. Also the foundation got it it´s drybrushing.
  • Atlas in 3D, first print - Got my first prints from Shapeways today on the Atlas wagons !! I knew the ends were a bit out of scale, but not that the hole body was to small ... Back to the drawing board and try again! First two pics ...
  • Final trackplan - Settled on my final trackplan yesterday. Most of the previous plans I made did not fit into the space available (each module will be 55 * 160cm), so I did pick out good old SCARM program and made these sketches. Reasonable simple plan with all switches ..
  • Screen & Atlas - Started on the second story of the screen house this weekend. The frame for the Atlas wagons arrived to, but no wheels so can´t assemble them yet.
  • Atlas in 3D, final print - Hurray !! - Finally got my first perfect print of the mine body !! The frame was already ok since before so this evening I could assemble, air-brush and weather first copy of this wagon. I also got my "multi-pack" of 4, approved today. Order is on it....
  • Lessebo started - Making a 3D model for a steam locomotive is quite different from a little wagon .. Coming to this state took all evening. A lot more to do, but fun-fun !!
  • Lessebo part 2 - Got a bit further this evening. Couldn´t decide on which tender to use, right now there are two versions.
  • Lessebo w coal box - Couldn´t stay away from the computer for long, so I made this single version with a coal box instead. Test-print sent, pics later.
  • Lessebo part 3 - The design part is now finished. Remains to make a 3D model which fits the chassis I have. I made a 3D model also of the chassis (gray in the pictures) so I could be sure it would fit. Now I am waiting for the Shapeways test to go through, then I will ...
  • Lessebo part 4 - So, now I done what I can, the rest is up to ShapeWays. Tests yesterday went well, only one error which was easy fixed. Since then I added a few more details like headlights, steps etc. Test-print is ordered. Now the long wait begins ...
  • Screen house, continues - Now when I can not do more than wait for shapeways, I continued with the screen house again. Here is how it looks now. Started to think if I should 3D print windows or make them with the cutter as before .... Will for sure test to make some in 3D, but I..
  • Swedish 600mm std bogie - Lessebo got rejected again of course ... grr. While waiting for new tests and upload, I did this the swedish 600mm gauge standard bogie. Pics later... Lessebo fixed (again..) and uploaded to.
  • Flat, Van & Bolster - Got these today! Assembly and airbrushing comes later.
  • Lost and Found - Look what I found yesterday evening, looking for something else !! ... A box full of KBScale wagons and track parts .. . Totally forgot this one ..., I remember buying them, but not a clue when..
  • Flat, Van and bolster painted - Had the pleasure to assemble and paint the Atlas wagons today. Ran out of couplers, but easy fixed with some online shopping ..
  • Display stand - Made a display stand today, to put the Atlas wagon on at the Bankalaset event. The trackbed is still wet from the glue, that´s why the weights still in place.
  • Lessebo arrived !! - The test-prints for Lessebo (and JGJ bogie) arrived today! Both good and bad news .. The good, again amazing feeling to see your own creation like this .. The Bad, several smaller changes needed, but that was expected.. I made several walls to thin....
  • Nyberget loco no 5 - Continued with the cab this evening and added a boiler and all the details. Not sure if this was such a good idea .. Since I needed to adopt the drawing to fit on the BTTB BR81 TT chassis I have, I had to increase both the firebox and the boiler. The.....
  • Roco TT chassis - With a bit of help from friends I found out how to remove the body from a Roco TT chassis without damaging it. You bend lightly between there the buffer beam and the back of the body meets and voila, there you have it! Here is a series of photos showing..
  • SW Delivery - Finally got my latest order! Should have been delivered last thursday, but rather late then never .. This time I ordered a few new things. Not easy to see from the pictures, but there somewhere is some new locos, vans and the latest Atlas coach I made!
  • Paintshop evening - After finished the "Z4p adapted" earlier today I felt very confident that my days in 0m 3D modelling is over for a while. So I collected a couple of my latest drawings and made a final order to Shapeways. What to do until then ? Well, I got my previous ..
  • Kick-Off - Feels a bit like I had a kick-off event with myself this weekend ! Carefully sanded some of the wagons from yesterday plus put on another two layers. Looks much better now. Also photographed all the latest things which had been collecting dust...
  • Wagon works - Started assembling a few wagons this evening.
  • Wagon works 2 - Continued assembling wagons this evening. This time the work train and coach was assembled.
  • Mine Train - Here is the rest wagons assembled (only the mine wagons was left to do). Now I have no more prints waiting to be put in traffic. Not even have any wheels left to do more than one and a half wagon.. (yes one axle is missing)
  • 1067 delivery - Got these goodies yesterday! Always nervous to unpack something new to see if anything is wrong or not .. but touch wood, it is getting better each time. This time I only need to increase the movement of the center axle on the ore wagon, it is still a ..
  • Wagon paint - You do not think I sit about and do 3D drawings all day do you .. , no I assemble and paint them to .. : ) I am very satisfied with the ore wagon, the flat wagon need some work to get anywhere .. Was no more time left this weekend. I used only flat ....
  • Evening paint - Not much done this weekend, but got some paint on the screen house and Z4p loco this evening.


  • New Track plan - First log for this year! Did go through all my old sketches for last year during the xmas holidays. Here is the update for 2018.
  • Screenhouse advances! - Got a bit further with the screen-house this weekend. All walls and roof are now in place. Also got some paint on. Next is detailing with windows, white corner boards etc. Not to forget a chute for each bin below!
  • Screenhouse again - Not the quickest job of making a building, but it goes in the right direction - forward ! Added wind-boards, corner boards and started with covering the roof with corrugated sheets this weekend.
  • Screenhouse, take 3 - put on some paint and light weathering on the roof, just that ..
  • Screenhouse, take 4 - Did install and paint last wind-boards today, now all is in place. Upper red half only misses windows so I started to dust of my Silhouette Curio cutter. Turned out it doesn´t work anymore... well, all works except the needle does not go up and down...
  • Screenhouse, windows 1 - Got reply from support this week about my Curio cutter. It turns out that when you install latest version of Silhouette Studio on a new computer, with no old settings from a previous version, the registration mark function is on by default.. Since a new..
  • Orenstein & Koppel - Did assemble and paint one of my own prints today!
  • Airbrush Sunday - Except fixing two drawings, I have been preparing and airbrushing 3D prints all day. This is the last batch I had at home, waiting impatiently.. Final assembly and weathering will be for another day.
  • Screenhouse, take 5 - Old trustfully Silhouette Curio cutter has gone warm today! Did finish windows for all sides except the front. Saves the best til last .. :)
  • Screenhouse, take 6 - Window sunday again. Cut, glued, painted and installed all the front windows on the screenhouse today. Guides for the chutes and the elevated tracks for the waste rocks, is the only which remains, then it is finished!
  • Ferguson Grålle - The swedish nickname for this Ferguson TE-20 was "grålle". Don´t know where the nickname came from, maybe cause it´s colour is gray which is grå in swedish. My grandma had a summer house out on the country side where I and my brother spent every ....
  • Airbrush Rebirth - I put old paint mix in my airbrush last weekend which clogged it totally.. Took some time to get that out! Bought some new paint today to celebrate it´s new life. Target for the occasion was an Atlas van, ammo wagon and the cordite wagon.....
  • Another happy day in the cave - The RAR cylinders arrived yesterday along with my copy of the Woolwich loco. The cylinder base worked just fine, but I had to whittle of most of the good stuff on the cosmetic part of the cylinder end, the end against the piston. Just no way to make it..
  • Vans n such - Did some work on my vans today! The first powder van (same as in the UK review) got some paint. The paint looked ok on my sample, but when put on a light gray primed van it got to bright .. Ok for now. Also painted and assembled the bogies as shown......
  • Historical - a Frame! - Eureka, Finally I made it - A FRAME !! What might it be of this ? Well, I will flip it over and start the scenery of course. .. : ) This is the first module of six and a half, all 55 * 150 cm in size (except that half one..). How far it will take to re...
  • Another salvage attempt - While the glue on the layout is drying up I did try another salvage mission, this time on the black Victoria. First two photos shows after sanding, as much as I dared to without destroying to much detail. Second last two photos shows after primer and a co
  • Green Anna - Black Victoria has become green Anna ! Did I do it again ? well, maybe not.., but I found the colour I want. I did go for the deep green on first pic below. I did rush it so I could see the colour on, so no airbrush (obviously..) but will mask Woolwich..
  • Koltorp plan - After much (re-)thought I reached the final plan for the Koltorp module. This is a plan which much better comply with my needs for long coal trains and also with three sidetracks, one quite long back behind the screenhouse. The station building will most.
  • Drawer in 3D - What do you do when you want a drawer ? Not buy it ready-made from IKEA.., why should they have all the fun, and get paid for it as well .? No, you do it yourself of course! I could do a sketch w good old paper and pencil, but how to turn that ....
  • Drawer in place - The drawer is now installed under the workbench !
  • Aspholm module - Now when the drawer is done I started with the Aspholm module, the second of the total six and a half I have room for. I will shortly do the half module to, filling up first shelf, but then I want to get these alive before I start another module. While...
  • Koltorp advances - As you maybe seen on Google, today is the swedish National day. So free from work to relax and play. Got my track delivery! Koltorp module advances with second layer of paint. I always felt white foam looks like an un-started layout, but not so anymore ..
  • Aspholm first paint - Aspholm module is covered w paint and Kvarnbo module is coming along. Strange that what you had in mind to fit seldom do .. I had planned to have two industries on Aspholm, but have to re-think that, or if so the trackplan around them. A nice "problem"
  • Emsfors washed - A few pictures during and after washup with really hot water and dishwashing liquid.
  • Emsfors first paint - Just put on first paint on the Emsfors and Knallhatten locos, along with a few wagons. All items below needs more paint, just me who is impatient ... nice to show how it looks. Decided to paint all motor locos pale light flat blue from now on, so .....
  • Some afternoon putty - While waiting for a slow computer exporting 3D files I added some putty to disguise the ´foamy feeling´ on Koltorp. Ordinary wall putty does crack easy if added to thick, so this is just first layer. After second layer some paint and then grass and tree
  • Various - some pics from my desk
  • Figure painting - It was either a smaller building or figure painting. Did not take with me so much more this vacation. Not even a computer (except the android tablet I am writing on now). Not the best paint job, but great fun so mission accomplished. Have a few more ....
  • Figure painting 2 - Painted another batch of figures today. Last picture shows how my layout looks now - at least in my mind ...
  • Koltorp Covered.. - Added a second layer of putty to the hillside, plus painted it gray. This evening I turned around the layout  and added first layer of grass and ´magic dust´ to the waist pile.
  • Koltorp Tracks - After the grass dried from yesterday I turned around the layout back again and placed out buildings and track once more.

    Now I reached a state there I feel it is time to lay down some tracks for good. Detailing of the scenery can go on for ever, but ...

  • Homemade Accessories - After a weeks struggle with my new Dremel 3D printer I am starting to get the hang of it ... The printer has done his (or her..) part, it is me who have gone through all items on the "beginners first mistakes list" (hopefully all..). Each print takes ...


  • First Sketches - Klenshyttan Railway in 009/HOe scale.
  • Track arrived - Tracks arrived from MiniTrains yesterday! Here is pics and films on how it looks. The mock-up building in the middle is still not finished, but does not need to be. Main purpose was to get a sense for size and how it all might look together.
  • SCARM - Same day as I got my MiniTrains track I contacted the man behind SCARM, the great FREE layout planning program for PC. I asked him to add MiniTrains new track system to his library of track makers, which he was kind to do. I got first beta version of ...
  • History - During my research I got in contact with Ludvika hembygdsförenings arkiv (Ludvika Local History Society archive). They kindly gave me permission to publish these old photos. Only the first image below is taken by me. Note that even drawings are included!
  • Frame n Foam - A simple frame, a sheet of ply plus a few recycled foam sheets. Recipe for a layout.
  • Levelling - Got a bit further this evening. Started with cutting out the rest foam sheets for the leveling. Level 0 is direct on the plywood there the middle storage building for the smeltery will go. Level 1 is the dam which gives water for the steam engine which...
  • Paint n Fascia - Foam sheets were glued down earlier this week. This evening first paint was added. Not really necessary, will be covered later, but it helps me to visualize how it will look later on during the build. Also cut out fascia pieces as you can see on the ...
  • First grass - Finished the fascia a few days ago so I started with the scenery today with adding first grass. Since we are well into September I thought it would be appropriate to add some brown tones to the grass.
  • Second grass - This weekend I have added a second and third layer of grass. Also two layers of paint on the dam. Glue and paint still drying on the pictures (therefore an ´odd´ white in some areas..) While waiting for things to dry I started with the main building ...
  • Walls and shapeways - Last week I have put the dam walls in place and continued on the foundry building.
  • New track pieces - When I made my trackplan I found out I needed some extra short track pieces. I could just cut off a piece, but instead I did ask Andreas Shoenfeld (maker of MiniTrains) if he could extend his track with another piece. He was kind to make two new short ..
  • Roof and chimney - Roof and chimney. Here is a nice trick! I first bought two expensive ready-made roof tile sheets. But instead of mounting them on the houses I did cover them with ordinary carpenters white glue, twice. When each layer dried out properly I have a soft ...
  • Roof shingles - Today I started adding the "shingles". The paint is still wet on the pictures, but will be complete flat when dry. The paint I used is a mix of 80% orange and 20% brown, then later when applied I dipped the pencil with a few drops of red now and then to..
  • New Siide buildings - last few days I started on the three remaining buildings, the locoshed, coalbarn and reload shelter.
  • Video - Just found this on the tube. Someone (not me) made a film about this place. Have a look if your interested, it is only a few minutes.
  • The cableway - Since last I have painted and ballasted the standard gauge in the back. Also put on roofs and painted the three side-buildings. When this was done it was time to put attention back to the front and concentrate on the cableway station on the foundry side.
  • Windows and Wingtanks - I started with the cableway last time but quickly found out that it will cover some windows, which still be visible inbetween. So today I started with the windows instead. Machine house, loco shed and roster furnace got there´s. Next time it will be time
  • Second batch windows - Did the final windows today (well almost, the cableway station will need some to..). Solved the problem with the "almost" perfect windows today. It turned out that the Curio cutter do not cope with the square object in these small sizes, better to draw a
  • Carousel and the doghouse - These last days I have continued with the cableway. Looking at the pictures below might not get much of a clue how this will be, but patience, it will reveal itself in time... Last picture shows the part of the construction which will hold it up in pos...
  • Ladders and stilts - Not yet finished, only balancing for the photos, but still... had to see where it leads.. Not much of the buildings left to do now. Cable station needs more plus the transporter needs to be raised, and roof n windows of course.. but not far now. Then ...
  • Cableway in place - Cableway and transporters in place. I could continue with the buildings for a bit longer, but next I want to do something else, so painting/weathering tracks will be it.
  • Tracks n dam 1 - been in bed since friday so not much work done this weekend. At least all sleepers was painted this afternoon plus the bottom of the dam is painted flat black. The little stone bridge over the dam also got some attention..
  • Tracks n dam 2 - The transporter, in the middle over the roof, got it´s two supports. Bridge is done and dam posts are in place, waiting for the chain inbetween. All rails is painted. Next time tracks will be installed, adjusted and ballasted.
  • Ballasting - Track installed, tested and ballasted.
  • Decorating - Painted all kinds of little carts and wagons yesterday, and wheels, lots of wheels. Also pored water in the reservoir. Today I spent several happy moments "decorating the tree" and taking pictures .. See below. Had to be many pictures, can´t show ....



  • RAR Information - Although generally less well known than some of their other, larger narrow gauge brethren, Britain's 18in gauge steam railways played an important part in the progress of locomotive and rolling stock design during the formative years of narrow gauge ..
  • Logbook December 2005 - Heres whats done in december this year. Mostly done during xmas holidays actually, not much before except redone complete frame for the box wagon.
  • Logbook January 2006 - Heres the XMas wagon I made for the 7/8 group on Yahoo this autumn. My receiver was my friend Ken Cooper in the UK, also member of the list. This is the first project common on the list this winter, next will be a bogie open for a new Zeeland rwy.
  • Logbook July 2006 - There is several days left of this month, but since nothing more on the RAR project will be done this month, I release this page anyway.
  • Logbook January 2007 - Finally assembled a pair of RAR bogies.


  • 1st Wazoo Island - Bill explains a bit about the first version of wazoo he did.
  • 2nd Wazoo, pier - These pictures were originally part of an article Bill had on the site. It shows the second version layouts pier.
  • 2nd Wazoo, page 1 - Bill explains a bit about the second version.
  • 2nd Wazoo, page 2 - second page of second wazoo.
  • 7/8th Wazoo Island - These are a couple of 7/8in scale models Bill made.
  • Nuevo Wazoo Ry. - Wazoo #3: This is the third and last Wazoo Bill made. This version is in On2-1/2 scale (1:48 on 16.5mm HO tracks) and is a ´re-hash´ of the original Wazoo.


  • Links - This is a new section meant to contain mostly king Charles XII militaria, but there might be exceptions ..


  • French 1800s Cannon - A bit odd to start this new section with an exception, but the cause is simply lack of the correct measures for a Carolean cannon. This is instead a french cannon from the 1800s I found the measures for, to start with until I get the swedish ones. The..
  • Smålands Karoliner - My hunt for measures finally paid of. I got in contact with Smalands Caroleans or "Smålands Karoliner" as they are called in swedish. They are an association who shows how swedish soldiers and army looked like during the time of king Charles the XII, ...
  • Carolean 3pdr cannon 1 - Now when I had both closeup photos of the real deal, plus also a lot measures on all major parts, I could start draw up the cannon. As you can see on the first picture I use the free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to measure. Since I know the real...
  • Carolean 3pdr cannon 2 - The barrel and all middle pieces are now done.
  • Swedish Army Ammo Wagon - The ammo wagon was done today! These were used for both ammunition and general supplies.
  • Swedish Army Mill Wagon - The mill wagon was done today!  Inside the big box is two stones for grounding grain and extra room for grain sacks. I forgot to take closer photos inside the wagon when we visited Eksjö so below arrangement with the stones is just an estimate from ....
  • Swedish Army Field Forge - Möllerheim field forge, a necessary vehicle for a moving army in the 1700s. Each regiment had these for repairing wagons, cannons, horse shoes etc. This model is made from measures taken a few weeks ago in Eksjö at Smålands Karoliner (Smalands Carolean
  • Swedish Army Bullet Wagon - Möllerheim bullet wagon. The 3-pdr cannons did fire one bullet per minute, in fact faster then muskets from that time, so a lot bullets were needed. This model is made from estimated measures, only the length of the box is known. Above first picture is..
  • Which scale - Vacation almost done and we are back home. Back to the office tomorrow.. Started printing some things in 1:16 scale to determine which scale I want to model in when it comes to my cannons and wagons. My original idea with 1:16 scale was to make ...
  • Scale Trials - Napoleon was 169 cm long, or in mm 1.690. Since wargame figures are calculated from toe to eye, we need to take of about 10cm from the length to compensate for the upper half of the head. 1.590 / 28 makes a 28mm figure 1:56 scale ...
  • Digital Sculpt - New Co-op! - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - New Cooperation with !! We had our first meeting yesterday after a couple of weeks of communication. I will make cannons and wagons which match there figures and they in turn will do new series of figures making it p...
  • First Quick Diorama - Assembled and painted both the cannon and my new carolean gunner this afternoon. To have somewhere to place them I made this quick first diorama. I will do much more advanced ones later on.
  • 1-16 Jealousy - When I entered the cave this afternoon I was met with a giant shouting from the 1-16 boys! They were very angry that they hadn´t got any colours, when the 1-20 guy got his. They claimed they were printed first after all and should have been paint...
  • Cute Limit - Reached not only cute level with this 54mm (1:32 scale) version today, but also practical size limit. Any smaller and prints don´t get well and details to small to see and paint. Good that I did this, the 120mm (1:15) version is to big and this is to ...
  • Ammo Wagon started - Started printing the Carolean ammo wagon or rustvagn as we say in swedish. Last picture shows the second new carolean gunner, a rammer which cleans the barrel. This and the first one on the photos will soon be available in several scales from SW...
  • Miscalculations - Last weekend when I first printed the body for the supply wagon I noticed something strange, it did not look right beside the figures I had printed so far. When I did measure one of the figures I found out it was in fact 70mm (1:25), not 90mm (1:20) as...
  • Ammo Wagon continues - I painted the body and wheels today plus a couple of powder kegs I had laying around since the 0 scale days. They was intended as wine barrels, but works as good for kegs in this scale. The frame was also not quite to my liking when I compared to the real
  • Ammo Wagon done! - Finished the ammo wagon today. Also painted some old boxes, in fact the very first boxes I did in CAD.. Played with washes for the first time. Good that I started with these kegs and boxes, cause there is some technic to it, as in not to much and not...
  • Carolean Limber - Finished the limber this evening, by painting both cannon and limber in the true blue/yellow painting it should have. Above first picture shows another cannon from the same period, in this case a howitzer, taken this summer 2019 when my wife and I visited
  • Carolean Gunner - Printed this gunner figure tonight. Took 4 hrs 40 minutes. The scale is 54mm (1:32), smaller then the previous 70mm (1:25) scale, still the result is MUCH better ... Odd, partly maybe cause I posed it a bit more standing up, not 45 degree as I done....
  • Gunner painted - Collection is growing! The little guy to the right is the newly painted one. Surprisingly more difficult to paint. Bought some new brushes also which was a big improvement compared to the Tamiya brushes I usually use. These were more pointy and with just
  • Carolean Field Forge Wagon - Started with the forge wagon last week, but (again) struggled with the printer.. This time it refused to feed more than a few cm of filament, then it freeze up! After several trials, changing nozzle, print bed cover, cleaning etc, I found out that left...
  • Shapeways Gray PA12 - Prepared a 54mm (1:32) scale version of the Carolean 3-pdr cannon a while ago, including uploading to Shapeways. Doing so I noticed they added a new material called "Gray PA12" which was supposed to be like FUD but not so brittle. At least I was hoping so
  • SW Cannon painted - Today I painted the cannon I let SW print. Ok, paint disguise a lot, but still not as fresh as that my own fdm printer can do.. I have removed that material from the SW page now. Not sure about the "tire" colour. The idea was that they should look as they
  • Forge wagon done! - Finished the forge wagon today. Did it in two versions, one with the firebox open for duty and another closed for transport.  Last picture shows the real thing, photographed in Eksjö this summer 2019 ....
  • Mill wagon started - Time in the cave is limited, but I got these parts printed. My printer has been in a very good mode now lately, which is nice. As you see the parts comes out very good now.
  • Mill and bullet wagon painted - Painted the mill and bullet wagon this evening. This was the last of the cannons and wagons for now. Next is building a (real) diorama and make something "alive" looking in it.
  • The Koltorp Diorama - Time for a real diorama for the cannons and wagons! While the printer been busy printing one more bridge and sleepers, lots and lots of sleepers.. I started with the 1700s diorama this weekend. As usual I ran out of green grass, so could only lay first..
  • Green grass - While waiting for glue to dry and the computer to do it´s magic, I put on some 12mm green grass on the diorama.
  • Drawing Preps - Seems I got back a bit energy today cause I also continued preparing wagon drawings for Shapeways! In time all wagons will be there, so far only the cannon is. Also started preparing them to be printed on the photon in due time. Plus found two...


  • Beet Railways - ´Roebane´, thats danish for Sugar Beet Railways. This article started at 18th of September 2004 when I did found a loose paper in one of my old train mags. The paper was from an old members news at the danish Industrial NG association.
  • Wagon drawings - I needed my own plans to work from and since the work already was done, why not let others get there copy? These drawings are made from measurements on other plans. Its main purpose is to make ´look-alike models´, not 100% correct scale models.
  • Wagon pictures - pictures of the most common types.


  • Bolton Model Poultry Farm - W.G.Bagnall Limited of Stafford built 1560 of 1899 supplied to the Brede Vally Pumping Station, and number 1907 of 1909 which went to the Bolton Model Poultry Farm...
  • Brede Vally Pumping Station - W.G.Bagnall Limited of Stafford built 1560 of 1899 supplied to the Brede Vally Pumping Station, and number 1907 of 1909 which went to the Bolton Model Poultry Farm
  • Camden Fort in Cork Harbour - Camden Fort in Cork Harbour, in County Cork, Ireland. So far very little info, hope to increase this page soon.
  • Chatham Dockyard - Chatham was a shooting ground area. They did use there 18in gauge system for transporting ammunitions, troops and targets for training purposes out on the fields.
  • The Crewe Works System - Crewe is a locomotive creator. For transport of boilers and other heavy parts, they did create a small 18in system which soon did expand all around the works. This was very much the start for 18in gauge in the UK. The locomotives used at Crewe was mainly
  • The Deptford System - The last of the 18in gauge steam-operated military service lines to be opened in UK, was the system which served the Army Service Corps depot at Deptford.
  • Geevor Tin Mine - Geevor Tin Mine, Pendeen, Cornwall. So far very little info.
  • The Horwich Works System - The Crewe Works system inspired other 18in gauge lines at a number of site elsewhere in the UK. The Horwich Works is one of those examples. Same locos and cast iron trackwork was used.
  • The John Knowles System - Of the steam worked lines of 18in gauge in the UK remaining for consideration, the most historically significant was the John Knowles system which ...
  • Willans & Robinson of Queensfe - The area on the Dee Estuary around Queensferry, Shotton and Hawarden is well known for its steel works ...
  • Sand Hutton Light Railway - By the End of 1920 progress on the laying of the line had reached Sand Hutton and the Claxton branch. More powerful locos was needed due to gradient of 8%. There was at this time a fair amount of 18in gauge equipment available from the Ministry of ...
  • Sylva Springs Watercress Railw - One line that is still in operation is the Sylva Springs Watercress railway at Bere Regis in Dorset. Built to a gauge of 18 inches, this line is ....
  • Waltham Abbey - A few traces survive to show that there was a network of railways at the Royal Gunpowder Mills as extensive as the waterways. Railways did not come here until new steam powered mills were built from 1856 to help meet the demands of ...
  • RAR in Woolwich - The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich possessed probably the most complete system of shop railways to be found in any engineering works in the country (UK).


  • Arizona Copper Company - More pictures from Wayde Gutman. This time from the Morenci and Clifton towns 200 miles due east of Tucson, US.
  • Arizona Copper Company 2 -
  • Arizona Copper Company 3 - Photos from the Marty Johnston Collection.
  • Bunker Hill Mine - Battery power locomotive is on display in Wallace, Idaho USA. Tim Stolle made a drawing in Gazette 2004 October issue.
  • Butte Mine, Montana - Tim Stolle made a drawing on a Latrine Car in Gazette 2002 May/June issue.
  • Crystal Gold Mine - Crystal Gold Mine Tour Yards in Kellog, Idaho. Tim Stolle made a drawing on a home-made flat car in Gazette a few years back.
  • Homestake Mine - Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota. Big article in Gazette 1984 March/April issue. This mine had ...
  • Double Rainbow Mines Co - Double Rainbow Mines Company in Gilpin County, Colorado. From a Picture caption in Gazette early 80's issue.
  • Tim Stolle drawings - These are a couple of nice drawings of 18in gauge rolling stock Tim Stolle made through the years.
  • United Verde Copper Co - United Verde Copper Company in Jerome, Arizona. Tim Stolle made a drawing on a Rocker-dump car in ....


  • 18in Gauge Steam Railways - Very thorough description about 18in railways in UK. The subject of this book is a group of functional railways constructed from the early 1860s onwards to the unusually narrow gauge tracks of 18 inches.
  • Brede Waterworks Tramway - Paperback booklet, fair amount of information.
  • The Crewe Works NG System -
  • Royal Gunpowder Factory - Book Reviews -- UK : The Royal Gunpowder Factory, Waltham Abbey I.R.S. No.117. Drawings,Pictures, and description of Waltham Abbey
  • Sudanese Red Sea Coast - Book Reviews -- UK : Sudanese Red Sea Coast
  • Ruston Proctor & Hornsby - Book Reviews -- UK : Ruston Proctor and Hornsby Akroyd Oil Engined Locomotives. In depth look at oil engines at Woolwich, and Waltham Abbey.
  • NG Railways, Two feet & under - Book Reviews -- UK : This paper, originally written in 1898 by Leslie S Robertson, a consulting engineer with wide experience in mechanical engineering, describes a variety of narrow gauge railways of two feet and under, including Duffield Bank, Eaton Hal
  • Gunpowder Factory Rwy Waltham - Book Reviews -- UK :
  • Ind. Railways of South-East - Book Reviews -- UK : Some good pictures of Woolwich locos, and stock.








  • wheels - open spokes - typical swedish narrow gauge wheels w open spokes. First wheels in my 0m scale series!
  • 0m Axleboxes - Typical swedish narrow gauge axleboxes, for 1/45 scale! Works for both 0m and 0n3.
  • 0m Frame - Typical swedish narrow gauge wagon frame. The inspiration was AGJ 211 at Anten Gräfsnäs Railway photographed and measured this year. This is a base to work from. On top of this I intend to build both vans, flat wagons and coaches.
  • 0m Flat wagon - Typical swedish narrow gauge flat wagon with brake cab. The inspiration was wagons at Anten Gräfsnäs Railway photographed and measured this year.
  • wheels - for the ore wagon - Special axle for the ore wagon with shorter ends so it can move in switches and tight corners.
  • 0m Ore wagon - Typical swedish narrow gauge ore wagon. Made for three axles, but can be equipped with only two as well. For 22.4mm gauge track, with prototype from swedish 1067mm gauge lines. The inspiration was wagons at Anten Gräfsnäs Railway photographed and .....
  • 0m Van - Typical swedish narrow gauge van in 1/45 scale for 22.4mm gauge track. The inspiration was AGJ 211 at Anten Gräfsnäs Railway photographed and measured this year. Needs wheels and axle mountings to complete.
  • 0m Van parts kit - Kit for making your own van : Vent, I, U and L beams. With the wheels and axle mountings here you can make your own van much cheaper, the rest you do in styrene.
  • 0m Coach - Typical swedish narrow gauge coach in 1/45 scale. For 22.4mm gauge track, with prototype from swedish 1067mm gauge lines. The inspiration was coaches at Anten Gräfsnäs Railway. Two versions, one with roof, one without. Needs wheels and axle mountings...
  • Z4p locomotor - Freelance model of the swedish Z4p locomotor. Intended for 0m (22.4mm) track, but works for gauges from 16.5mm and up.
  • BLJ loco #9 - Freelance model of the BLJ 9 (Byvalla Långshyttan Railway), today running on JTJ under the name "Tallås". Intended for 0m (1/45 on 22.4mm) track, but works for both 0n3 and 0n30. Plenty of space in-under to fit most loco chassis of your choice.
  • DONJ loco #12 - Freelance model of the DONJ loco #12 (Dala Ockelbo Norrsundet Railway), today running on JTJ. The front, cab and tender is fairly close to the prototype but the boiler is shortened to fit a single chassis instead of two ...
  • SJ K22 loco - Freelance NG version of the swedish state railways K22 loco type. Intended for 0m (1/45 on 22.4mm) track, but "should" work for both 0n3 and 0n30, even if I doubt it, it is rather big for those gauges. Plenty of space in-under to fit most loco chassis of
  • Z4p locomotor ADAPTED - Freelance model of the swedish Z4p locomotor. Same as before but adapted for a chassi with size 75 * 20mm. Intended for 0m (22.4mm) track, but works for gauges from 16.5mm and up.


  • RAR bogie - Royal Arsenal Railways outside London had a huge area with Ammunition factories, testing grounds etc. This is the common wagon bogie used on most wagons they had. Available in 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR 2x frame - Royal Arsenal Railways outside London had a huge area with Ammunition factories, testing grounds etc. This is the common 2 axle wagon frame used on the bulk and ammo wagons.

    Available in 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.

  • Deptford 2x wagon - Deptford depot had during WW1 a big railway net around the promises. After the war several locos and wagon was sold to SHLR. This is the common 2 axle wagon body. Two versions exist, one with the side wall supports on ....
  • RAR 2x Gunpowder van - Royal Arsenal Railways, the 2 axle Gunpowder van used out on the testing grounds during shootings. Suitable chassis exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR bogie flat - from a public sketch which shows a couple of different types of vehicles from RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR bogie 1 plank - from a public sketch which shows a couple of different types of vehicles from RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR 2 plank dropside - from a public sketch which shows a couple of different types of vehicles from RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR powder van - from a public sketch which shows a couple of different types of vehicles from RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR covered ammo van - from the first book about RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways.. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR Saloon - from the first book about RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways.. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR Composite Coach 2 doors - from the first book about RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways.. This is the later version with curved sides and 2 doors/side. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR Composite Coach 3 doors - from the first book about RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways.. This is the earlier version with straight sides and 3 doors/side. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR Open Toastrack Coach - from the second book about RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions. Observe! The second buffer type should be used for these coaches!
  • RAR Charlton class loco - from the first book about RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs motor chassis and RAR buffers to complete.
  • Deptford Waril class loco - The Waril class locos once running on the Deptford depot line during WW1, later on SHLR.

    . This is a "loose" freelance version with no adoption to a specific chassis.

  • RAR Ajax class loco - From the original drawing in the book by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Charlton got manholes - Added manholes to the Woolwich and friends.. both open and closed cab versions.
  • RAR lord Raglan loco - From the original drawing in the book by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly. This is for those w..
  • RAR 2x 1plank open - From the book by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. Suitable chassis exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • RAR bogie 2 plank - from a public sketch which shows a couple of different types of vehicles from RAR - Royal Arsenal Railways. Needs RAR bogies and buffers to complete. Suitable bogies exist in both 09, 012 and 014 scale/gauge versions.
  • Chatham Defense Works Truck - From a drawing in Mark Smithers book about Royal Arsenal Railways.. Made for 12mm gauge, but easy to add shims behind the wheels to fit 014. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended.
  • RAR Victoria loco - From the original drawing in the book by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Mars loco - From the original drawing in the book by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Pelican loco - From photos in the books by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Owl loco - From photos in the books by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Serapis loco - From photos in the books by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Osiris loco - From photos in the books by Mark Smithers about Royal Arsenal Railways. This is a version without chassis adaption. A complete motor chassis will be available later this spring, also another print matching that exactly.
  • RAR Carronade loco - From drawings in the Royal Arsenal Railway books by Mark Smithers. This is a version WITH full chassis adaption for the RAR chassis. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended. ....
  • RAR Culverin loco - From drawings in the Royal Arsenal Railway books by Mark Smithers. This is a version WITH full chassis adaption for the RAR Chassis. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended. ....
  • RAR lord Raglan ADAPTED - Same as before but fully adapted for the RAR Chassis.
  • RAR Victoria ADAPTED - Same as before but fully adapted for the RAR chassis.
  • RAR Mars ADAPTED - same as before but fully adapted for the RAR chassis. Observe, this is a 0-4-2T loco and needs also a rear axle beside the RAR chassis.
  • Woolwich First Test Print !! - First test print of Woolwich and lord Raglan locos arrived and they look very promising !! Below is first a few pictures as unpainted but washed. Later a couple after first primer. There is layers, as always, but more like a pattern almost, no big ones.
  • RAR Victoria in HDA - I should have waited really, until Mark got the Woolwich loco so he can test it with the chassis first, but I like to live a bit crazy, soo .... I just adapted the RAR Victoria loco to be able to print it in HDA and also ordered it along with two ....
  • RAR Pelican Adapted - Now adapted for the new RAR Chassis!
  • HDA big disappointment - The prints for the Victoria loco in HDA arrived today. Big disappointment ... Several times worse than FUD .. Really like this loco type thou, will order another in FUD for my own railway.
  • RAR : Meet the family - Got the idea that it would be really cool if we could gather the ´hole family´ and let them line up on the parking lot. Said and done, here they are! The empty spot is reserved for the Pluto loco which (I guess) is the final loco to draw. Not easy to ..
  • Jack and friends Adapted - Also the Jack loco is now adapted to the chassis, along with Owl + Pelican and Osiris + Serapis locos. However, the cylinders are not yet fully adapted to the chassis so I will wait until then before I upload all to SW. As you can see on the pictures, ...
  • Woolwich w Cylinders !! - Exciting times! Second test print of Woolwich with adapted cylinders added as well. I could have printed the cylinders alone, but I wanted a Woolwich for myself and if this first version of the cylinders does not fit properly, I can always do a second ...
  • RAR Pluto class - From drawings in the Royal Arsenal Railway books by Mark Smithers. This is a version WITH full chassis adaption for the RAR Chassis. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended. ....
  • RAR Cylinder generations - Now when I know the test print worked out good after the last corrections, I started making all the different types or designs of cylinders there are. The blue ones shows the finished and the rest is final stage before all pieces are joined together ..
  • RAR All Cylinders In Place - Big day today! All RAR steam locomotives now has latest cylinders included and also uploaded to Shapeways. That finishes this adventure. Ian Bull has teased me with a wonderful picture of the Coehorn loco, which I also started but not sure yet when it wil
  • RAR Coehorn loco - From drawings in the Royal Arsenal Railway books by Mark Smithers. This is a version with full chassis adaption for the RAR Chassis. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended. ....
  • Jack Adapted - loose ends, part 2. The Waril class steam locos once running on the Deptford depot line during WW1, later on SHLR as Jack. Added latest version of the cylinders and adjusted some details
  • Sylvasprings loco - From the article in the UK Review magazine, issue 18. Available in 1:43.5, 1:35 and 1:27.5 scale.
  • P-class ration wagon - I just had a great time finishing last of hours the year of 2018 with this P-class ration wagon. From the WDLR companion book, special version for the NELR. As you can see frame side with axleboxes is loose so fits most gauges. Available in 7mm, ........
  • Jack from John Knowles - the Gwen and Jack locos from John Knowles was quite different from the Waril class running on the Deptford depot, not even the wheelbase was the same. Boiler and cab was also lower. So this is a partly looking like Jack model, based on the previous Waril


  • RAR chassis - When I started making the RAR locos I found out that almost all of them had the wheelbase of 3ft3in. This made it possible to use a common chassis for all models. I contacted Mark at LocosNStuff who agreed to make this chassis for us. Current status is th
  • RAR chassis - Test Etch - First test etch arrived yesterday! A few details to fix then it is time for the big batch.
  • NN Simplex chassis - Mark at just released this chassis to fit my Nitro Nobel Simplex and similar in 0 scale.
  • RAR chassis - Mounting Test - After I primed and photographed first test print of lord Ragland and the Woolwich loco, I sent them further to Mark so he could test them on the chassis. They arrived yesterday and here is the report from Mark: "I would say its a resounding success so ...
  • RAR chassis - Test Run - A quick preview on how the body and the new RAR chassis looks together. The chassis here is from the first test etch and therefore not fully assembled (piston rods is missing). The big batch will be ready for delivery later this spring (2018). Raise the..
  • Various - RAR Chassis arrived!


  • Beet bogies - There was several types of bogie sides, all on the same basic frame, this is just one of them. These were running on 700mm gauge but I made mine for 600mm.
  • Beet wagon - Model of a danish beet wagon for carrying beets directly from the fields. These were made in the hundreds and ran all over the country side. These were running on 700mm gauge but I made mine for 600mm.
  • Beet van - Model of a danish beet van for carrying bagged sugar from the factory to the distributors. These were running on 700mm gauge but I made mine for 600mm.


  • Decauville Skip wagon - In 1/45 scale. Axleboxes are interchangable for either 012 or 014. Might work for 016.5 to, but the prototype is to small for such broad gauge.. The skip is 33 * 39mm around the edge.
  • Decauville Box wagon - In 1/45 scale. Axleboxes are interchangable for either 012 or 014. Might work for 016.5 to, but the prototype is to small for such broad gauge..
  • Decauville Bolster wagon - Little bolster wagon on the same frame / chassis as the skip. In 1/45 scale. Axleboxes are interchangable for either 012 or 014.
  • Decauville Bogie - Little wagon bogie based on the same frame / chassis as the skip. In 1/45 scale. Axleboxes are interchangable for either 012 or 014.
  • Decauville wagon chassis - Wagon chassis for the kitbasher to add whatever on top .... In 1/45 scale. Axleboxes are interchangable for either 012 or 014.
  • Decauville 1915 bogie - Decauville bogies, Model 1915. From Dr Christian Cenac´s book, page 54 - 55. 1/45 version is made for 12-14mm gauge, pinpoint axles with 10.5mm diameter wheels. 1/35 version is for HO wheels and track. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended.
  • Decauville 1915 box wagon  - dr Christian Cenac´s drawings, page 46. Needs bogies to complete.
  • Decauville 1915 bogie pair - Same as before but assembled and adapted for NorthYard 12mm gauge, 10.5 diameter wheels with 20(19.9)mm long pinpoint axles.
  • Pechot 1888 2x bogie - Pechot bogies, Model 1888. From Dr Christian Cenac´s book, PL 4. This took me much longer than I first estimated, quit advanced design when both trying to be true to prototype AND make it printable AND get it according to my needs ..
  • Pechot Swiveling bolster - As far as I got this evening. More to come and the 3x bogie of course ...
  • Pechot bolster done - This is first time I made a drawing so big that SW did not accept it ... My file turned out about 76 mb and there max limit is 64 mb .. So must divide it in two to be able to print it. Must have at least one set complete with two 3-axle bogies. ...
  • Pechot 1888 3x bogie - Today´s Lunch .. : ) Pechot bogies, 3 axle version, Model 1888. From Dr Christian Cenac´s drawing compendium. Equipped with NEM couplers. Thought about the 4-axle version to, but does not go through my switches according to my calculations. Equipped ...
  • Pechot well wagon - As far as I got today. Only ends remains now.
  • Pechot well wagon done! - Finished the well wagon this evening. The yellow rings around the side is a new thing. Hope it works, but should do. Now it will take a while before I get my copy since we go on vacation next week, but the one who waits for something good and so one ...


  • phone stand Tower - Made for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, but works for all phones which are 75mm wide or less. Available in white, black and red. The stand is 12.5cm high.
  • Dremel 3D printer - So, finally it happen! I been involved with 3D printing for several years now and doing my own 3D drawings for about 1+ year, but have not bought a printer until now. Last friday I invested in a Dremel 3D printer from Claus Ohlson , a swedish..
  • Tusses Catomat - Our cat is very picky on her food, so when it been out for to long and got dry, she just ignores it .. Since doing gadgets is "almost" as fun as making trains, I did this gadget to have "some" purpose .. It is still printing since last night and will cont
  • Tusses Catomat is done! - The Catomat was done printing yesterday. Here is some pics and a short vid showing the result. The bowl got to small, but that is what product development is all about .. =) So now, diversion is over, back to the trains!
  • Tusses Catomat, 2nd version - The bowl to the first Catomat went a bit small so I started another version. While at it I added a bit different design. Will start print as soon as the printer is free, it has a long queue to work through right now ..
  • Tusses Catomat, 2nd printed - Second version done. Very nice but this will be the last gadget for a while ... Took 27.5 hrs to print plus another 1.5 hrs for the lid. Did stall the entire print queue for my trains..



  • O&K bogie flat wagon - O&K bogie flat wagon which once ran on the Ödeshög wire factory 600mm gauge industrial line. Needs bogies to complete.

    Don´t forget the jars for chemical transport, available under the Accessories section.

  • O&K Blombacka wagon - An O&K 2 axle flat wagon from Blombacka works in Sweden. 0 scale version is for 12 - 14mm gauge, pinpoint axles with 10.5mm diameter wheels. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended.
  • O&K bogie 0e version - 0e (1/45) scale version of the Ödeshög O&K bogies. The frame is 25mm wide and since axleboxes are loose, most H0 (pin-point) axles works.
  • O&K bogie flat 0e version - O&K bogie flat wagon which once ran on the Ödeshög wire factory 600mm gauge industrial line. Needs bogies to complete.

    Don´t forget the jars for chemical transport, available under the Accessories section.

  • O&K mine wagons - Freelance models of mine wagons which runs great after the Vikholm loco. Available in 1/45, 1/35 and 1/24 scale (both 1/35 and 1/24 scale version are for H0 track).
  • Brigadelok Emsfors - Feldbahn WW1 brigadelok Emsfors today running on Ohsabanan. Two versions will be released, one blank and one adapted for a Zeuke TT chassi. Tender will follow. Intended for 0f (12mm) scale, but should work for most gauges. Kadee HO scale ....
  • Brigadelok Tender - Feldbahn WW1 brigadelok water tender. Needs bogies to complete. There is one for 0f (12mm gauge) and one for 0e (16.5mm gauge)
  • Emsfors in 16mm - By request from a customer, my Emsfors loco is now available at SW also in 1/19 scale.


  • Timber wagon litt Qp - First wagon in H0n3 scale! This version is without brakes. Available in 1/87 scale only, for 10.5mm gauge tracks. Made for 8.5mm wheels (ex flanges). Coupler pocket is according to kadee H0n3 standard.
  • LBB Coach 1914 - By request. LBB - Lindfors Bosjön Railway, combined coach, post and goods wagon from 1914. The other two coaches will follow shortly. H0f scale only so far, meant for busch etc.
  • Timber wagon litt Qp (B) - Same as before but with a box added to hold lead and minimize need for timber load. Coupler pocket also made smaller for H0n3 couplers (prev was for HO). Available in 1/87 scale only, for 10.5mm gauge tracks. As in swedish 3 foot gauge in H0 scale.
  • Timber wagon litt Qp (C) - same as before, but with a few new changes done.
  • LBB Coach 1917 - By request. LBB - Lindfors Bosjön Railway, second coach from 1917.
  • LBB Coach 1925 - By request. LBB - Lindfors Bosjön Railway, third coach from 1925.
  • LBB Gravel wagon - By request. LBB - Lindfors Bosjön Railway, Gravel wagon for timber bogies.
  • Customer Pictures - Ulf Smedbo, the customer who ordered these H0 wagons, sent me a couple pictures on the finished models! Some bogies will be replaced with another type later on. All except the last timber wagon is for busch H06.5 track. Timber wagon is for H0n3 track.


  • Lessebo - Freelance version of the swedish Lessebo loco in 1/45 scale (Decauville type 8). Tender needs Atlas chassis to complete. Motor chassis is up to buyer. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended.
  • KLJ bogie - Coach bogie from KLJ - Kosta Lessebo Railway in Sweden. The coaches these are made for are full prototype length 10 meter, not as the MJ wagons which were 7 meters long. This means a model with about 22 cm length in 1/45 scale. Available in both 1/45 and
  • KLJ coach #1 - This is a freelance model of a standard coach from KLJ - Kosta Lessebo Järnväg and several other railways like NAEJ, StJ (see picture) and others. Needs KLJ bogies to complete. If you prefer the JGJ bogies, they are equal, just the design on the side...
  • KLJ coach gates, standard - On common request, only the gates as a separate kit.
  • KLJ The Kings Coach - Kungavagnen (kings coach) in preparation as a new kit in 7mm scale. Soon to be released. This is a new approach I have not tried before. Since each piece is printed separate, several different coaches can be made. Gates and final detailing remains to ....
  • KLJ coach gates, the king - Coach gates from Kungavagnen (kings coach). 4 side gates, 4 end gates and 5 roof vents.
  • KLJ The Kings Coach 2 - The kings coach are now ready! Needs roof, couplers and KLJ bogies to complete. If you prefer the JGJ bogies, they are equal, just the design on the side that differ. Available in 1/43.5 scale only. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended.
  • KLJ Coaches - A few photos from one of my customers. The loco is a kit of the Emsfors loco now running in Mariefred at ÖSLJ made by The coaches are the KLJ coach I offer in my shop. Available in both 1/43.5 and 1/45 scale.


  • MJ bogie - 1/45 scale bogie of the swedish 600mm gauge standard bogie. There was several different looks on the sides based on the same frame, this is just one of them. Adopted for 10.5mm diameter wheels with 12mm gauge 21mm pin-point axles, but can be adjusted to.
  • Munkedal loco - Continued with the Munkedal loco today. Design part is basically done now, except some minor details to fix. The big next step is to adopt this to a motor chassis. When done will be available in both 1/45 and 1/35 scale.
  • MJ flat w sides - First wagon in my new MJ wagon series. This wagon has been on my wishlist for many years, since I first saw these old pictures. Now it exist also as a 3D print in 1/45 scale!
  • MJ van (JGJ 28) - This is a freelance version of the JGJ 28 van. In all the same, except that I shortened it to 7 meters instead of 10 meters as most these wagons were. This is a "might-have-been" on a frame from Munkedal railways which were 7 meters long. Available in ...
  • MJ coach 1st class - This is a freelance model of the "Kungavagnen" (Kings wagon) which now rolls at ÖSLJ in Mariefred. The small compartment could also be a mail office, so I included two mail boxes. This is the last wagon in the MJ series. As the others in this serie, it..
  • MJ coach 3rd class - This is a freelance version of the MJ 1 3rd class coach from Munkedal Railway. All major measures are correct, only details that differ.
  • Munkedal loco adapted - This evening I did amuse myself with adapting the Munkedal loco (same as Virå) to the RAR Chassis. I know the wheelbase probably is wrong, but it works quit well like this. I will not upload this drawing until I got the cylinders correct, which remains t
  • Munkedal, Swedish RAR - Loose ends part 1, the munkedal loco. Now it is fully adapted for the RAR chassis. Front and rear axles are up to the modeler.


  • Nitro Nobel bogies - After WW1 swedish manufacturers did make copies of the german so called "brigade" or feldbahn wagons. They did them a bit stronger plus added ball-bearings to the axleboxes. This new series will cover those wagons used on Nitro Nobels explosives factory,
  • Nitro Nobel flat wagon - Second item in the Nitro Nobel wagon series, the flat wagon with sides. This is a swedish post-war version of the german "brigade" or feldbahn wagons.
  • Nitro Nobel tank wagon - Third item in the Nitro Nobel wagon series, the tank wagon.
  • Nitro Nobel van - Fourth item in the Nitro Nobel wagon series, the van.
  • Simplex loco - This version did run at the Nitro Nobel ammunition factory in Gyttorp. Several of these remains today, both in Frövi and Ohs bruk. The wooden cabs were made in Gyttorp, originally they were delivered with the typical british peaked roof and plate walls.
  • Diema loco - Today I made a model of this little gem. Back in time this loco did run at the Nitro Nobel ammo factory in Gyttorp. Today it is preserved at the Ohsabanan. When I was an active member I often run this loco. It´s sound is fantastic, it "pops" often from
  • Nitro Special Edition - This evening I did this little "special edition", a train set containing the Diema loco and two special flat wagons not released before.


  • Atlas Mine Wagon - First out is of course the mine wagon. It is in 1/45 scale and so far the separate chassis is only for 21mm pin-point axles (12mm gauge).
  • Atlas Flat Wagon - The second wagon I made was the flat wagon which also contains poles and sides making it possible to make several variations of it.
  • Atlas Bolster Wagon - Made the Atlas bolster wagon this evening, based on the flat wagon but with a bolster added instead of the sides. Same here, freelance add-on for the Atlas chassis. Test-print is ordered, more pics when it arrives....
  • Atlas Van - Today during lunch I did this freelance van to put on top of the Atlas chassis. Nothing like it did exist on the Nyberget railway these wagons did roll on, but a local workshop "might" have done something similar...
  • Atlas Work wagon - Made this little work wagon during lunch today. Available in both 1/45 and 1/35 scale.
  • O&K loco cab - For the kitbasher - an O&K loco cab in both 1/45 and 1/35 scale.
  • O&K loco kit - For the kitbasher - an O&K loco kit in both 1/45 and 1/35 scale. Contains cab, two domes, two chimneys. two (hollow) cylinder blocks and boiler front lid.
  • O&K loco kit in 1/35 - For the kitbasher - an O&K loco kit in both 1/45 and 1/35 scale. This example is made in WSF at 1/35 scale (WSF=White Soft and Flexible material).
  • O&K loco kit in 1/24 - For the kitbasher - an O&K loco kit, now also in 1/24 scale !! plus the previous 1/45 and 1/35 scales. Contains cab, two domes, two chimneys. two (hollow) cylinder blocks and boiler front lid.
  • Atlas Bogie Flat - AB Separator once had an 600mm gauge industrial line between the harbour, a foundry and the diary which was called HJ - Hamra Railway (same railway as the loco named Hamra at ÖSLJ comes from). They had bogie flat wagons for transporting milk churns ....
  • O&K loco body (roco) - Complete body for an O&K loco. 0 scale version is adapted for a ROCO 36004 TT loco.,
  • Atlas Chassis - The Atlas chassis now exist in three different versions - standard, long and short.
  • Atlas Coach - Freelance coach on the extended atlas chassis.
  • Atlas Bogie Vans - This evening I did the following ; Freelance Vans based on same frame as the bogie flat. First van with round roof, second has angled roof. Needs bogies to complete.
  • Atlas Cordite wagon - British Cordite wagon, adapted to fit on top of an atlas chassis (basically extended 1cm in length and width)
  • Atlas Ammo wagon - Freelance ammunition wagon based on the classic atlas chassis.
  • Atlas Vans in HDA - Atlas vans now also available in HDA, the hopefully better print method than FUD !! Test prints are ordered!


  • Boxes - My first 3D model, a modest little box..
  • Crates - Crates for wagon loads etc.
  • Churns for milk - Milk churns for the Atlas Bogie Flat wagon from Hamra Railway. All are hollow inside and the sprucing is easily removed. Available in 1/45, 1/35 and 1/24 scale.
  • Jars for chemicals - Six big jars for transport of chemicals on the O&K Ödeshög wagons. All are hollow inside and the sprucing is easily removed.
  • Wire roll - Wire roll for the Blombacka O&K 2 axle flat wagon.
  • Oil barrels - Old type of oil barrels, pre WW2 when they started to press them in one form (with lids pressed on after).  As load for the latest Decauville box wagon, for example ... Of course hollow inunder.
  • Harvest machine - Freelance swedish harvest machine, for load on a wagon or parked out on the field.
  • Windows, Factory type - If you google on "windows 1:45 scale" ., there is not that much, but I guess there must be if one looks close enough... But I wanted full control of the design, plus I got curious what the price would be and 3 euro / window in a 5-pack, it is not that ...
  • Switch stand - Prototype from OBJ, Ohs bruks Järnväg, also called Ohsabanan.
  • Water crane - Prototype from Bor Norra station, Ohsabanan.


  • OHS loco body - Freelance model in 1/45 scale of the famous loco "OHS" at the Ohsabanan railway. Space inside is plentiful, most motor chassis will fit, even up to 14mm gauge. 1/35 scale version will follow.
  • OHS loco body 1/35 - The OHS loco is now also available in 1/35 scale !!
  • Edan loco body - The motor loco "Edan" from the swedish papermill Eds Bruk, which had a 600mm gauge line. Motor chassis is up to the buyer. Kadee HO whisker type couplers recommended.
  • OHS 1/35 pics - The OHS loco in 1/35 scale - a few pictures of a print in WSF. My friend Hans H sent me some pictures of his loco. I must say WSF got much better than I last saw it .. the surface seems much smoother now!
  • Vikholm battery loco - This is a freelance model of a small battery electric. Available in 1/45, 1/35 and 1/24 scale. Made to fit the Piko 47306 TT loco (if you choose 0 scale..).
  • Vikfors diesel loco - This is a freelance model of a small diesel loco. Available in 1/45, 1/35 and 1/24 scale. Made to fit the Piko 47305 TT loco (if you choose 0 scale..).
  • Boxholm, overhead electric - This is a loco from one of Swedens first electric railways ! The gauge was three swedish feet, but I made my model for 600mm. The industry it served (Boxholms bruk) was an iron works and had an extensive track net both inside and outside the area. ...
  • Garpen, battery electric - From Garphyttan iron works which once had an about 5 km long 600mm gauge line to nearest mainline station - Latorpsbruk. Today it is in Mariefred, sadly changed from the original design. I have tried to make my model as close to the original as drawings..
  • BND30 mining loco - Meant for 12 or 14mm gauge, but since 18mm inside a 16.5mm motor bogie could - in theory, fit inside to. Needs couplers to complete. Both original couplers and adapted for kadee exist.
  • BND30 mine tub - Meant for 12 or 14mm gauge, but with spacers could work for 16.5mm gauge to. Wheelsize 9.2mm ex flanges.
  • OHS loco body 1/87 - The OHS loco is now also available in 1/87 scale !! Measure inside is 13.5 * 41.5mm for a Busch 6.5mm or a 9mm gauge motor chassis.
  • Sala Maskinfabrik W-16 - From prototype drawings. Sala Maskinfabrik was a swedish loco maker. Several of these was sold both in Sweden and abroad. One remains today at FMBBM. Last photo is from Munkedal harbour at MJ. Available in 1/45 and 1/35 scale.
  • AGV DHL-15 M5 - Swedish mine loco from prototype drawings. 1/45 scale version is made for a 44mm long Halling motorbogie with 12mm gauge, but 9 or 14 mm gauge should work as fine to. Will later also be available in 1/35 scale, for that use any tenshodo or equal...
  • Mine Wagons - Freelance mine wagons in 1/45 scale. For any gauge from 12mm and up.
  • Långban w tubs - This is an old favorite I planned to model several times before. Back in 2008 my wife and I was in Risten to photograph this great loco. This loco did go only around 800+ meters on one fill, but apparently it was enough to pull a set of tubs up from....
  • Hartelius loco - This loco still exist on Ryttaren Peat Factory museum in Sweden. Based on prototype drawings. Photos below was taken 2005 when I was there with my wife. 1/45 scale version is made to fit a Halling 44mm long motorchassis. Also adapted to Kadee HO whisker t
  • Peat Wagon n Coach - Something to pull behind Hartelius. Freelance Peat Wagon n Coach based on Ryttaren Peat Factory vehicles.
  • Peat Lunch Wagon - Today I did this freelance ´diner´ based on the coach, for the workers to have somewhere to eat there lunch, make a cuppa and warm up during chilly days on the bog..
  • Coupler Jig - One might wonder what this is, but is a Jig in the making to be able to bend my own coupler rings. My own NEM coupler to the right in the picture. Why do I do my own couplers then there is so many available already ? Because I can and because it is fun ..
  • OHS loco busch version - The OHS loco is now not only available in 1/87 scale but also adopted for a busch chassis !!


  • AutoCad 123d Design - I have been a bit against learning 3D modelling cause of the extra time at the computer it demands, but there is actually one very good thing with it and that is that once you actually finished a drawing and uploaded it successfully to ShapeWays, you ....
  • First print - First print finished! I must have done something right .., Uploaded and accepted by ShapeWays. My first own order is on it´s way as I write this.
  • Netfabb client - Learned a few new tricks with the Netfabb program today! Netfabb client exist as Free-Trial and Student version for 3 years. I use it for testing my stl files before upload to Shapeways. These two images shows before and after I tried the wall thickn....
  • Silhouette Curio - The name of my machine is Silhouette Curio. A cutter which can do several things, not only cut but also draw, stipple, emboss and a few more. It has two heads so two things can be done at the same time without changing heads (tools like knife etc). ....
  • Dremel 3D40 - I bought my printer in August 2018. This is my first 3D printer and one of the best toys I had ever .. It is a covered version, PLA only and no heated bed. The print area is 15*25*17 cm, which is rather much compared to most filament printers! It takes..
  • AnyCubic Photon Ordered - I just ordered my first resin printer, an AnyCubic Photon, already a very common model on the market. It has a very small printbed, but the quality is great, and there is not really any other bigger model on the market now which is between the 370 euro...
  • AnyCubic Photon Unpack - Did unpack my resin printer which arrived last week! Only remaining now is to build a lightbox for the UV lamp, then I can fire up my first print! Note the food trays in the background with Santa´s on. Bought them many years ago on a OneEuro store for..
  • Lightbox drawing - Been totally drained on energy lately, but got this drawing made at least. The UV lamp I got is covering 21 * 24 cm so I made my box 27 * 30 cm and 30 cm high. It will be made in plywood and basswood which I have plenty of in store. Got all the pots and b
  • Lightbox part 1 - Here is how far I got with the lightbox. Roof part left with the opening for the lamp, front cover right and box in the middle. When done it will be covered with kitchen alu foil on all insides.
  • Lightbox done - I did finish my lightbox and printer table setup this evening !  


  • Links - Some of my favourite links related to web and coding.