Torpedo Boats, Swedish Polaris, the Plejad type

This article was published May 17, 2012.

Polaris - The Plejad Type

These boats were build around 1905-10 in big numbers. The original drawings came from Normand in France, there the first one was bought 1905. The rest was build in Sweden, with some modifications for each series built. Except the very nice looking, I also got fond of the very special type of torpedo launch these boats have. It doesn't show so much on the picture, but they are like a submarine in front, with a hatch a bows which can be opened before launch, straight throw the stem. Inside several torpedoes can be stored, launched after each other in a matter of minutes. A stern there is another torpedo launcher on deck, which can swing around 360 degrees for quick launch at any direction. Plus this two heavy machine guns.

I found this beaty in Curt Borgenstam's book 'Attack till sjöss' (Attack at Sea). For reference, goto This is my next project after Combat Boat 90 is finished. I got the plans from Swedish War Archive just before xmas 99. Planning is still very in it's early stage, but more to come...




The Model

Polaris - The Plejad Type

My model will be in 1:24 scale and I am planning for the following channels; rudder, engine, gun left/right, gun up/down, gun fire, torpedo hatch a bows, torpedo launch, winch left/right, winch up/down and maybe also some lights, sound and/or smoke.

I plan to build 3 hulls, one complete with engine, radio, guns, torpedoes etc and two naked ones which will be pulled after as decoys. Purpose is to get a little squadron, these ones just must go at least in pairs of three... (look on title picture above)

These boats were 39 meters, meaning 162.5 cm in 1:24 scale. Main challenge will be to create working torpedos, the working gun I will just buy same type which is used for Warship games.

The picture above shows swedish torpedo boat squadron 1916 at the mobilisation quay in Karlskrona harbour. All pictures from the book Attack at Sea, by permission from the publisher Marin Litteratur.

Second World War

These boats probably has the world-record of years in duty. They was build during the 1905 to 1912 period and lasted until the end of WW2, scrapped right after. About 40 years in service, hard to beet! The picture shows number 48 rebuilt as mine-sweeper. It was of course to slow for ordinary patrol, but the time was also hard and not enough money existed in war-times to scrap her, so she had to continue as a mine-sweeper instead.


The guys in the Jolly-boat is taken care of a floating mine. The white markings on the side is put there to tell enemy ships/aircraft that this is a neutral swedish vessel.

I have the blue-prints, but they are big as bed-sheets.. I will add them later also, when downscaled to an easier format.

Click on below picture to get an enlargement.