Borkum Match - Background story

This article was published Dec 01, 2015.

Many people like to write up a fictional story about there little railway. So do I.

I did write a story once about my previous 78n18 layout which was great fun to write, even got a bit carried away..

But also this adventure into Fn18 scale deserves a story I thought, so here it is, and yes, it has some similarities with the previous story..

Sir Riff Borkum

It started with a mine which had only 15in track inside, but mules and horses above the surface. Sir Riff Borkum, the son of the late Lord Edward Borkum, did start investigate to replace the mule lines with something more modern and secure during winter and muddy weathers.

The decision fell on 18in track since he find an ad in a british newspaper about the Royal Arsenal who did sell out some of there equipment.

The mine was still operative but the iron was harder and harder to dig out, so he did look for an alternative industry and it became a match factory.

The mine needed transport to and from the harbour.

The factory also needed supplies and deliveries to the harbour.

Every line need a sandpit and place for storage.

-- to be continued --

Same map still applies.