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This article was published May 17, 2012. started as a co-operation between Peter Coulter, Ken Cooper and me Henrik Laurell. We wanted to start a site for all 18inch gauge related railways and specially promote the model scale 7/8in for it (1:13.7). After now a rather dormant period since last, I decided to move all BMT pages here, since all my modelling circles around 18in gauge prototypes nowadays.

Henrik Laurell, webmaster

I have been interested in trains since I was a teenager. After I started with a Märklin 3095 steam loco, it took many months until I could afford track and wagons. In 1978 a friend and I did visit Ohsabanan with my dad and I was hooked on narrow gauge for life. In Sweden, real narrow gauge mostly means two-foot gauge as are Ohsabanan and FMBM, so I made a new superstructure on top of my 3095 loco in 1:36 scale. Sad to say, the frames and superstructure and the other stuff I made at the time have long since been sold.

Eventually girls, motorcycles and computers took over and I was transformed to a armchair modeller for many years with a few exceptions in several different scales. Started to really build models in the year 2000, first model boats, then trains in G and Gn15 scale, then 16mm and finally switched to 7/8in scale in late 2004 after reading an article in english Review magazine. At first I was going to model two-foot gauge by using 45mm tracks, but somewhere along the way I did get in contact with Ken Cooper via the "7/8in Scale Trains" group on Yahoo who introduced me to 18in railways (meaning 32mm tracks in model, same as for 16mm scale).

No current railway but working on an indoor layout with a simple loop on top of the workbenches and a sideline down to a waterfront (along the wall). Main facilities will be a match factory and a small mine, plus the harbour (all buildings as flats against the wall or scenic dividers).

I prefer building in brass and wood, even if most materials could be used, but brass just gives that shiny heavy look. I am also very fond of military light railways, so RAR equipment will run on my track as well.