Howto Articles - Weathering wood

This article was published May 17, 2012.

  • Fasten your wood piece in a vice or on the table
  • Use a course sandpaper to smooth of all sharp edges
  • Go over it with a steel brush or even better a motor tool with a steel brush attached.
  • Mix one part acrylic grey paint with ten parts of car window screenwash
    (you may need to try out the exact mix and colour, before you get it as you want, so do not mix to much at first)
  • Apply thoroughly in light sweepes
  • Let it dry
  • As always, try on a test piece first, before you use the real piece.

How to stain wood

  • If you want a reddish colour, use ketchup instead.
  • There is ready made stain but they often has a very strong smell. Since they are very concentrated, again use screenwash to make a better consistency
  • Prepare vinegar and steel wool in a jar, it needs to stay for several days, so think ahead. Keep the lid a bit open so air comes to. The steel reacts with the vinegar and later then added to the wood another reaction takes place, which colours the wood in a very nice way. This needs a bit of test and practice to make it good, so again use a test piece first.