BMT Story, Chapter 3 - Sunday walk

This article was published May 17, 2012.

Sir Thomas did take an early breakfast and did go out for his weekly Sunday walk. The sun was shining as he passed the gate to the estate. Their dog Charlie did see him pass and started to tag along. The estate did lay on the slope of the mountain and the factory was further down the valley, just along the stream. He passed several pastures and groves and finally reached the factory. He raised his hat against some workers and continued over the small bridge at the factory and beyond to the other side there the mountain started to raise again. After a whiles walk he stopped and leaned on a fence. From this point he could turn and look down over the valley and see most of the things he and his brother had built. From this the other side, he could see the sawmill clearly and beyond that the factory which did grew from year to year. Partly hidden behind some woods, he also could see his own brewery and the clay furnace. Since it was Sunday only a slow breeze could be heard from the wind. No working sounds from the factory or sawmill. No men shouting, out on the fields. Totally calm, only a dog barking in a distance and some kids playing with rings left over from the beer barrels.

He did continue his walk up and over the top. Here you only did see farmers land, but far far in the distance you could see part of the area there the tramway did connect to the waterfront. He decided to turn right along the mountain side and go against the mine. Here the landscape changed a bit. Still a lot pine and spruce trees, but the ground no longer were covered with grass or moss. More bushes and rocks were visible on the ground. This was his and his brothers favourite place for hunting rabbits. He had no gun with him, but the dog Charlie had some great fun running after a couple. After a while he reached so harsh terrain that he had to follow the tramway to reach the mine. There were only one road possible, so when the tramway did take over the wagon loads from the mine, they did put it right on there the road was.

Finally he reached the mine. No workers here either, but he climbed up on the hillside to Mick, the old man who got the job to guard the mine entrance. He had a small cabin, with a nice veranda there he could look down over the mine area. They used to chat a bit while they shared a bit of tobacco. Sir Thomas did always take his pipe with him and Mick never sad no to a smoke, specially since sir Thomas had such good expensive tobacco with him. Everybody respected both Riff and Thomas and all called them sir, but no one had to take of there hat or bow when they came, just the ordinary greeting with lifting it. They both liked to be friendly with there employees and kept constant contact with them to chat about everyday life. This was no exception. After the smoke and chat was over, Thomas did shout to Charlie the dog, and they did continue there walk.

His walk was now about three quarters done and they started to come close to the estate again. He passed the little school building there every kid who were sons or daughters of employees did go. It wasn´t big but at least there were one. The school teacher were also very good and sir Thomas always had a good eye to her. She was not only good looking, but she also did have a very strong temper. On top of this she were very smart, probably the reason for not having so many men around her. They couldn´t cope with both the IQ and the temper. But sir Thomas was also a very determined man, so they seemed to match. He was not discouraged a bit by her IQ.

Lady Amelia Borkum, the mother to Riff and Thomas and the wife to lord Edward, did meet him at the gate. She did nag on him about talking to the workers again, ´do you have to talk to that man Mick every time?´. She didn´t approve about his and his brothers friendly approach to them. ´Think if you have to fire some of them´, Why? He always replied. Why should I fire anyone? We just give them another job instead, if something doesn´t work out. She was very annoyed about this way of thinking. ´Edward would never approve, she sad´. Yes, because you wouldn´t let him, they replied... Spite the old way of looking at people, she was a very carrying and fare mother to her two sons.

Time for lunch. Sunday lunch was a bit special in the family. Nothing could go in between. First church at eleven and then lunch at thirteen hundred hours, has always been like that and should always be so. Everyone had to be there. Also the clothing had to be a bit more than usual. Candles on the table, Riff or Thomas did talk up and tell everyone about something new on the factory or other news from out there in the world. Everyone were cheerful and happy. Sunday was a time for relax and joy.

At tea after the lunch Amelia started to talk about the education of sir Riffs children. She didn´t approve about them going to the same school as everyone else. She wanted them to either go separate hours or else the teacher has to visit the estate and educate them there. Thomas liked the idea to the surprise of Riff. But he quickly understand why.., he knew about Thomas interest in the teacher. Later he did take his brother outside and talked to him about it. ´You know mother would never approve about you being married to her, but as I see it she would be perfect for you´. Riff didn´t like to put his children in this position, but he did it anyway. He did please there mother, but he also wanted his brother to come closer to Sarah, the teacher.

So Sarah started her day with the local children in the same manner as before in the school house, and then visited the estate each afternoon to educate the children of sir Riff. Of some strange reason she seemed to meet sir Thomas almost every day when he was on his way home for lunch. At first Thomas was the one who had close look out through the window from the brewery to see when she came down along the way from school. But soon she started to take slow steps also, to make sure he didn´t miss her when she did come close to the gate..