BMT Story, Chapter 4 - Paris

This article was published May 17, 2012.

Monday morning, time for work. Riff and Thomas did join down to the factory. Now it was life everywhere. Sounds from the tramway with huffing from the locos and wagons which did rattle as they got pushed into the sawmill. Workers everywhere, pulling carts and carrying things. Sawing sounds from the sawmill, factory chimney did leave heavy smoke. Riff loved this atmosphere! With our without his wealth, he had done this anyway. Sir Riff was a real contractor, everything he touched made money. If not, he continued until it did. He couldn´t help it, machines and business was his life.

Sir Thomas was more of a thinker. He enjoyed books, a good vine, a stroll in the forest and a chat with a good friend. He also joined the interest for arts with Riffs wife Clara. They both talked about it a lot and both also made there own attempts at painting. Clara were much more talent, but they both had great fun anyway. Riff and Clara´s two oldest daughters Eve and Denise had inherited both the talent and the interest to paint from there mother. There youngest, Emma, did enjoy it also, but not at all in the same way as the others. For her it was just one thing of many things to do.

Love in the air, dark clouds

Sir Thomas relation to Sarah the teacher, had gone so far that there were no return. He had to do something about it. It was no longer a fling, he really had started to love her, and the love was returned. The major problem of there different status in life started to come up for them. Sir Thomas was son to a lord and Sarah was just daughter to one of sir Riff´s foreman. He didn´t bother about what there mother would say, but still it was not easy during these times. It was a bit like the prince who wanted to marry the country girl. At the same time people had started to talk about them. There love were no more a secret. Some men were angry because they didn´t have any success, and blamed him for using his name to ´grab´ her. The local gossip made all sorts of stories about them. Finally the news reached Lady Amelia and pure lightning from clear sky did rage over the estate...

The balance in the estate was moved. This was long before unions had started to form, people were used to the way it was. There were normal folks and there were the Borkums. They had the local doctor and policemen, foremen and all kinds of authorities but a mix between them were not allowed. Even if they tried to, the priest would not marry them. Sir Thomas was very bothered. Only thing he could do at the moment was to express his love to Sarah and give her a secret engagement ring. They were not prepared to leave, Sarah still had her father there. Thomas was not used to live in a cabin, and Sarah was not used to live in a small castle.. She was smart and educated, but still daughter of the people.

After a while workers did not allow there children to go to school as long as Sarah did teach. Lady Amelia was still queen of the castle and did no longer allow her to educate the children of sir Riff.

While Riff did take over the responsibility for the brewery for a while, sir Thomas and Sarah did leave the estate for a long trip abroad. They both needed common grounds and somewhere to live. They first did go to Italy by train and then further to Paris. In Paris they got married with only Sir Riff, Clara and a few friends as witnesses. Sarah got used to a more relaxed way of life, also using dresses. Now she had dresses from Paris latest fashion, which she could not even dream of before. She had used plain skirts as long as she could remember. For parties she only had more bright colours and maybe a linen of cotton. In Paris she was introduced to matching dresses with big fancy hats in all possible colours.

Time did pass and there first child was born, still in Paris. They got a son who they named Edward from his grandfather. When Edward junior did take his first steps, they started to think of his education. It was time to get back home again. All this time in Paris they had lived in a small 8 room flat with only one butler and a female cook. But still they had got closer to each other in matter of social rang. Mostly for Sarah but also for sir Thomas. They didn´t want to live on the Estate, so they planned to make a living of there own. Sir Thomas income from the brewery was steady and well enough to live a relaxed life of, but his brother has started to complain about the responsibility. So they needed to live close enough to handle the businesses.