Gn15 - TeBee : Side tank 2, long with cab

This article was published Dec 31, 2013.

Pict0001  -- TeBee

My current scale is not Gn15, but when I saw this 3D-print model which TeeBee made, I just had to have a copy of my own. Along with it I also bought a Heywood wagon which might get painted green aswell later on and used as an extra coal wagon behind, but not now.

The model is still wet on the pictures, the shiny parts will get half flat when dry later.

As you can see below, the cabin is a bit low even for a 1/24 scale figure, but if not placed to close it is a great little steamer for Gn15 scale. I just wish I had ordered it in UFD instead of the WSF material. UFD (Ultra-Fine-Detail) is more expensive, but in this small scale WSF (White-Strong-Flexible) does not really work, it gets to grainy on the surface and in this case we can not really call that a rusty worn out surface.. it gets to much.

I am very fond of it and painting was a treat! I played with my new airbrush and mixed the colours myself which I never done before, not like this for an airbrush.

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Pict0001  -- Kosta
Pict0001 -- Kosta
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Pict0002 -- Kosta
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Pict0005 -- Kosta
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Pict0006 -- Kosta
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Pict0007 -- Kosta
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