The BMC project - Trackplan

This article was published May 17, 2012.

This is not really the trackplan, more a description on how my hobby room is set up and how my train tables are positioned, but.. it gives a good view on how I planned it.

The BMC layout and trackplan is divided in 6 different modules and 2 levels. First level is in waist height and contains the LGB part, which runs loop - to - loop. Second level is in shoulder height and contains the ´real´ narrow gauge in Hf (1:24 on S-scale tracks) which runs point - to - point. First level is marked with module-number plus an ´a´, second level is marked with module-number and a ´b´ or ´c´. For example 4b will be the module with the Mine and all the Hn15 tracks in the upper right corner.

Spiders view

Stations on which module

This list is not complete and will be changed along the way, this is how I see it right now (Aug 2004).

  • Module 1a and 2a is Aspendale, finished.
  • Module 3a is only a bridge over to 4a, but hopefully will contain nice waters and a fishing boat inunder.
  • Module 4a and 5a is there the coal will be unloaded to barges. Exact setup more than this is not set.
  • Module 6a is there all goods will be reloaded from tiny narrow gauge.. to LGB. This is the end of the line for LGB. Here will be cranes, team tracks and storage.
  • Module 1b and 2b is Borkum with the Match factory, the major industry for complete setup.
  • Module 3b will contain the sawmill for the factory (above the bridge on 3a)
  • Module 4b is Laurell Creek Mine and its own 15in railway
  • Module 5b and 5c is not planned, more than that they probably will contain ´some´ extra small industry like a barrels factory or something.
  • Module 6b will be built together with 6a. It will contain a switchback a couple of times down to LGB and is not really a module in itself. Maybe the switchback will also use part of 5a to get a nice rice of the tracks.