Tools - AutoCad 123d Design

This article was published Mar 31, 2017.


I have been a bit against learning 3D modelling cause of the extra time at the computer it demands, but there is actually one very good thing with it and that is that once you actually finished a drawing and uploaded it successfully to ShapeWays, you can multiply that model as many times as you like. That is my exact problem with the Atlas wagons right now. I got three wagons now and started on the fourth, but it is both still - difficult to make them the same without hickups on the way AND also already got very tedious and I want many more than just four of them ... There is where 3D modelling comes in.

A few days ago I gave in and downloaded latest free version of AutoCad 123d Design which was surprisingly easy to learn. Start chewing on the Atlas wagons was a bit much to start with, but it took me only a few hours (from complete zero..) to learn enough skills to draw this crate you see above/below. First upload failed cause of to thin walls. FUD demands 0.3mm / 0.6mm wall thickness and after I redraw the hole thing once again with correct thickness, there was no problem. From here it goes ....