Tools - Dremel 3D40 3D printer

This article was published Oct 18, 2019.

Dremel 3D40
Dremel 3D40

I bought my printer in August 2018. This is my first 3D printer and one of the best toys I had ever ..:tongue: It is a covered version, PLA only and no heated bed. The print area is 15 * 25 * 17 cm, which is rather much compared to most filament printers! It takes only Dremels own smaller spools, but easy to print your own spool holder for the normal 1 kg type and put it outside the printer instead. I did that only a few weeks after I bought it. Dremels own PLA filament is quite Ok, but way to expensive, specially since Hatchbox - the best PLA on the market is cheaper ..

Since then a new model called 3D40 Flex has been released. It is basically the same machine as mine but with one important difference, it can print 0.05mm layers, my version only prints 0.10mm layers. My son bought one this autumn and he get much better prints then I do, that extra thinner layers makes a big difference.

I had my printer for a bit more than a year now and are extremely happy with it, can really recommend it to others. I learn A LOT working with it and those times something didn´t work, it was me 99% of the time who did not know how to handle it (or a filament printer in general), very seldom it was anything with the printer itself. I got help from support once who helped me to upgrade the software inside the printer. It worked fine before, but even better after.

It is a bit outdated already, but good value for the money. If you are interested, buy the Flex version.