Blackwood Ridge - Making trees

This article was published Sep 27, 2014.

Trees got some foliage and tracks finally working again.

First I did continue rub my track with a piece of wood, to get rid of the last thin layers of dry white glue after ballasting. In the end I had only two troublesome spots, but it turned out it was only the brigade locos who found them trouble some. All two-axle MT locos did run perfectly over those spots ..

Scenery 10

Had been waiting for my ordered "matt medium" to arrive, but today I couldnĀ“t wait any longer .. so I took out my new spray rattlecans and mounted a few trees on a piece of leftover foam. First sprayed them gray outside, but adding foliage was not possible due to to much wind today, so that had to be done in the garage with the doors open. Still, fuuuie what it smells from those 3M fix spray cans .. awful. But somebody had to do it ..

The result however is rather good, with both rather bent trees and a total beginner when it comes to making trees this way. Great fun, I can recommend it, but try to be patient and do it outside when no wind.. :tongue:

track rubbing


trees got some foliage

004  -- after gray spray rattlecans did there job
004 -- after gray spray rattlecans did there job
007  -- green stuff
007 -- green stuff
008  -- more green stuff
008 -- more green stuff